November 11th, 2005

Angus May 2005

Horrible Dreams.....

Last night I had a dream that made me shiver in fear, plus allowed me more sympathy to a large part of the population.

In my dream my hair was seriously thinning and I was slowly going bald on top. I remember looking at myself in a mirror, at my whispy hair, and going "What am I going to do now?".

I'm luckily (hopefully) not going to experience hair thinning or balding in real life. My family have a long background of men with lots of hair - my Mum's father died with a full head of hair in his 90's! The only exception seems to have been my fatehrs father who was completely bald by the time he was 25! Somehow I don't think I've inherited those genes :p
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New Years Eve....

It's seems too early to be thinking about NYE celebrations alreday but if I don't think about them soon some of the places might sell out before I decide! (eek!)

I've spent the last two years NYE's at B-Movie and must say I'm tempted to make it a triple set. Before I do however I was wondering what everyone else's plans are for the big night?

Also, if I did decide to go to B-Movie for NYE would anyone else be interested in coming along and who from the usual culprits would be in attendence again this year?
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