November 13th, 2005

Old Friend

Yesterdays, seem so faraway.....

Yesterday was possibly the busiest Saturday I've had in a long, long time.

Had various meetings during the afternoon ranging from convention planning to Camarilla promotions plus catching up with people I'd not seen in years. Also met up with Lady Bug for a drink or two between meetings which was fantastic as we hadn't managed to catch up in a while. Then managed to dash home for a quick bite to eat and a bath (had hoped to catch the lasst 5 minutes of the England - Argentina match but was sadly missed the dramatic finish - well done England!!! :D). Then rushed back into Camden to meet up with Cressida in the evening.

I hadn't been drinking with Cressida for almost ten years, and to be honest we never really had a proper drinking/chat session back then either. It was really great catching up. Certainly hope it's no where near the ten year mark before we do it again!!

All in all yesterday was a fantastic day filled to the brim with old friends, good chats and plenty of booze.

Wish all Saturdays could following a similar pattern!
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Old Friend

Sunday No Show

OK, I kinda didn't go to work today afterall. Still, I *had* booked the weekend off and I do have loads of holiday to use up before Christmas so I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Just means I'll have to work extra hard on Monday and Tuesday if I want to escape early on both days.

Today has just been spent chilling with the housemates, listening to cheesy music on the telly and generally nattering. I also seem to have carried on my minimalistic eating pattern that developed on Thusrday. I should possibly try and eat a little more atm, nevermind, I'm at my Mums this evening and believe we having a Sunday roast so that'll fill a few gaps :p

Also avoided cigarettes today. Definetly time for a short break (at least until tomorrow....) as I really don't want to think how many I got through on Friday night and Saturday. Can't be good.

Oh, also wanted to plug Sons & Daughters 'The Repulsion Box' CD again. It's an excellent album and certainly anyone who's keen on Nick Cave should give them a listen. Can't wait to see them again ina couple of weeks! yay!! :p

Next Three Gigs: Fort Minor (14/11), Sons & Daughters (21/11), Spear of Destiny/Gene Loves Jezebel (24/11)
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Manga Me

Meditation and Animal Guides...

Whilst meditation and pathworkings to contact your spiritual guides may be very relaxing and often strangely enlightening it must be remembered that sometimes they really can't help sort your brain out.

This is equally true, maybe moreso, when the subject at hand keeps invading your thoughts and disrupting your concentration.

One more round up the mountains and then I'm going to sleep.
Old Friend

(Poetry) Purple Kisses

Purple Kisses

 Running out of things to say
As I’m heading for the sunset
And my heaven falls,
Down on me.

Now I’m on the wrong side,
The wrong side of heaven,
And the way I feel
Is stranger than the purple kisses
Or the gypsies gold.

So still,
It chills,
Turns my bones to ice.
Then I’m....
Burning up
In the shade of night.
I don’t know what’s gone wrong.

Looking in mirrors
And seeing different faces,
Driving me insane.
And I’m running out of time,
Running out of kisses,
But I’ve got nothing left to say.

I feel the ground
Beneath my feet
Going past the scale of seven,
Heading off to nine.
Is this the end that’s coming?
Is this the end so soon?

So this is it.
(No more purple kisses)
So this is it,
Our, final, curtain call.
No last words.
No reunions.
No last drinks
Of blood red wine.
So this is it,
With no last kisses
And no good-byes.

I’ve nothing left to say anymore,
My words are discarded
Like feathers and old tin cans,
Like beginnings.
Like ends.

So this is it.
On the wrong side of heaven.
So this is it.
Driving me insane.
So this is it.
No more purple kisses.
No more kisses at all.

So this is it.
Was it worth living
Knowing that it would end?
So this is it,
And I’ve run out of time,
As I pass the scale of seven
Heading off to nine,
So why do I feel
So glad?


By A R J Abranson
(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')