November 14th, 2005

Old Friend

(Poetry) Sin


Sell me other dreams
Perhaps ones in which
I can believe.
And I’m watching
As my rain falls.
And I’m waiting
For the veil to disappear.

Sell me gifts
Of silver and gold,
Objects I can feel.
Your guess
Is as good as mine
When it comes down
To the yesterdays that bind us.

Play games
With the other people
Buy them if that’s what you want
I won’t try to stop you
But that doesn’t mean
I’m still going to be here
When you stop.

And I’m watching
As my rain falls
Cooling the heat
And I’m waiting
For the veil to disappear
So I can truly see.
But do I want to?

Why do I try to loose
When I could surely win?
Why live a life shamelessly
When you can get away with sin.
But do you want to?
Or is it only in your dreams.

I’ve paid for my shadows
And innocence only confuses my aims
I chance a look
Into the rain,
Into your games,
And I see your dollars in pockets of friends.
And I hear the words you said....again.


By A R J Abranson

(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')

Manga Me

New Poetry (Beginnings)

Hey, look momma...I can do poetry again! :p

"You'd have thought you’d be old enough now
To have learnt how to control these emotions
Just goes to show that even a Master of Illusion
Can become a player in someone else's show"

Of course, I should really be doing some work.....
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