November 17th, 2005

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World Cup 2006 - Predictions

The final games of the World Cup Qualifers were played today, deciding the final five teams that will be in Germany next summer.

The full list, plus my thoughts on possible winners/surprises is under the cut as I know there are a number of you fine folk that don't appreciate the fine sport like some of the rest of us do :p

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Slipping towards dooommmmm........

I have a suspicion that I may be heading towards a bout against the lurgy. My throat is definetly feeling a bit coarse this morning - and I can't use a heavy night as the excuse for it today.

Time for a bit of intense herbal tea drinkage again I guess.

In other news I *still* haven't got my email sorted although I'm going to really try and fix it this afternoon. I have to pop into work for a few hours to complete some orders and also use the email there to send off some front covers and images to a couple of magazines which will be previewing the new Cannibal Sector One Sourcebook for SLA and also the Frankenstein Factory game. I also have to confirm the license of another Polish product that we'll be publishing in English next year so the Poles can announce it through their magazine which is going to press early next week.

Right, shower then work. Catch you guys laterz! :p
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Call of Cthulhu Movie

I've just watched the Call of Cthulhu movie that I mentioned in a previous entry.

It's a modern production filmed as an old silent black & white movie with a symphonic score.

I can honestly say it was really good. It actually surprised quite a bit as they must have had a reasonably good budget because the sets were brilliant and were very diverse. The film-makers have really caught the 1920's/30's style of filming and actor make-up techniques.

I'm definetly going to be bringing a bundle of these over for resale and will hopefully have them in time for Dragonmeet in London on December 3rd. Not sure the exact price as yet but I'll let you know when its confirmed.

F-List Virus.....

OK, so looking down my friends list today it seems that the majority of you have lurgies.

This brings me to two possible conclusions.

1. You're an incesterous bunch that have snogged one another until everyone has the same damn thing.
2. There's a bug doing the rounds which is fairly effective.

I prefer the first - even if some of the mental images I'm getting aren't particular pleaseent! :p

(And yes, I also have a bug today - but not the bug I'd like to have :p)
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The joys of having cats with dodgy names.....

I was chatting to Sarah on the phone just now whilst playing with one of the cats.

Sarah is on a crowded bus.

She just said, fairly loudly as the connection wasn't great, "Which one are you stroking? Are you playing with Jizz?". Then she realised what she'd just said. Hehehe...almost as h=good as the time Louisa and I were in a cafe and she (being her usual loud self) proclaimed that Jizz had been all over her last night and stopped her from sleeping :p

As it happens I was playing with Wookie who's being extraordinarily loving this afternon. Maybe she's on heat or something?
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Console/PC Question.....

What's the best site to buy X-Box, PS2 and/or PC games from?

Just wondering as I usually buy them from Play but was wondering if anyone else had otehr suggestions? (Not that I've ever had any problems with Play - they've been great - just want to be a penny pincher and see if I can pick them up even cheaper!)
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5 Things and questions for the girls.....

1. The new Boards of Canada CD is bloody brilliant.

2. Apparently I should be more of a bastard as that 'apparently' attracts chicks. (This was told to me by a chick too).

3. I am, from a girls point of view, very easy to talk to and have fun with. (told to me by 'different chick')

4. I, along with Monty, are apparently like friendly uncles (Third chick. Meant as compliment and taken that way {eventually} but also a bit of a slap to be called a 'friendly uncle' I feel!)

5. I've been in another odd mood for the last few hours. Contemplating a hot cup of herbs, the duvet and a book.

So, questions for you girls:
1. Do you prefer a bastard over a nice guy?
2. Do you find me easy to talk to and have fun with?
3. Do you consider me as a 'Friendly Uncle'??
4. Have I, in your opinion, a *reputation*? If so, please let me know what it is!!!
5. Do I flirt too much?
6. Do I flirt with you? (Optional question - don't need to naswer if you don't want to!)
Many thanks!

EDIT: Comments have been set as Screened due to a request. Fear not young ladies (or men) I shall not divulge your answers unless you state you don't mind in the actual reply.
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