November 22nd, 2005

Drawn Together

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I guess it's kinda good that drinks tonight got rearranged for tomorrow as I still seem to be at work! Have a few bits and pieces to do with the website before I go home this evening and then I think I'll order a pizza and watch the Man United - Villarreal game (cheering on Villarreal - if they win Man U are out of the Champions League - hehe).

Have tomorrow off (YAY!!!) and my plans are to fix my email (finally), pop into work quickly to place an order (I have never grasped this 'day off' shit - come on - I was born to WORK!!!), and may go to the cinema in the afternoon. Not sure what I'll see. Maybe Harry Potter 4 unless I'm seeing that on Thursday with someone else, if not HP then I'm sure there's a few films out that I wouldn't mind catching atm. Tomorrow evening is not Wednesday Games Night as Dom is in birmingham at a conference. Instead the drinks I was going tonight is then! And much fun will no doubt be had!

Right, back to work for a bit as the game kicks off in 40 minutes so I have a deadline.

Also (and I may have said this before :p) BOARDS OF CANADA rock! The new CD is really, really excellent :D
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Drawn Tog

Electrical Weirdness

We seem to be getting some electrical problems here. We've had a whole bundle to power spikes this evening (lights getting dimmed and general electrical weirdness). This has been happening on and off both at work and at home (both in the Finchley, North London area) for the last week or so - although more predominantly this evening.

Anyone else in N.London having similar?

If we're about to have the 'coldest winter on record' I'd feel a lot more happier if I didn't think our power systems on the verge of popping!