November 24th, 2005

Old Friend


You'd have thought that having 15 Icons with a Paid LJ Account would be plenty. It seems however this is an illusion upheld by people that are not me.

Thus tomorrow I will be upgrading my account to allow me 100 sweet icons and THE WORLD WILL TREMBLE!!!!!

er, yeah, ok....I'm sad.
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Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

If you can't reach me this evening.....'s because I've decided to use my last freebie cinema ticket and gone to see The Libertine with Johnny Depp. Unfortunately Johnny is in the film and not actually accompanying me to watch it.

Which is a really big shame as I would have loved him to have joined me.

Anyway, if I go, it starts is 25 minutes and I won't be back until just after 9. I'd better actually get my skates on (I find skating down to the cinema is quicker and more fun - especially with all the wet leaves around atm to clog up your wheels...).

Ho hum.

See you beautiful people laters (Unless I do actually meet Mr Depp in which case I may be some time....)