November 26th, 2005

Manga Me

Anthony & The Johnsons

After being told by two people today that I should listen to Anthony & The Johnsons and that I'd probably really like the latest album I've finally caved in and ordered the CD. It's been on floating around on the horizon for some time as I'd heard some good things about it before and then it won the 2005 Mercury Music Award earlier this year.

Have no idea what to expect but we'll see and when I know you'll no doubt hear about it! :p

Also, if already having four blogs wasn't enough I seem to just created another one on a different provider. I am doomed.
Old Friend

Mourning Sun....

(Does Dance of Joy)

Amonsgt other things the new Fields of the Nephilim CD 'Mourning Sun' arrived this morning! It#s been in my grubby mits for almost 3 hours now but I've only just popped it on the stereo. So far (about 30 seconds into the first track) it sounds brilliant :p

The booklet is great, I've always loved the Nephilim's graphic design and photography. I'd love to be able to use that style of imagery in a game one day....
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