November 27th, 2005

Old Friend

(Games) Civilisation

Today was a marathon games session. OK, when you play Civilsation you expect it to be a marathon and don't really expect to *actually* finish the game. Well, today we finished it. Yep, all the way to the end - with a winner and everything!!!

This was the first time I've actually completed the game in all the years I've been playing it!!!

It may have taken about 8-9 hours (with a few naughty cigarette breaks) but Dom, Dave K, Matt and myself fought out the struggles of empires to the very bitter end. Most of the nations were actually quite peaceful to be honest. Skirmishes only really started taking place towards the end of the game when Matt and myself decided to take out a few of Doms cities in an effort to slow him down abit. My main antagonist was bloody Civil Wars that kept cropping up and hitting me. I guess my men didn't appreciate my leadership or something!

It was a very tight game with everyone in very strong positions to claim the historic infamy of being the best empire of the age. In the end Dave K just pipped Dom to the title. Dom would have possibly been a turn behind with myself either just catching Dom or falling a further turn short.

It was a really great game and it was really good catching up with the guys but boy am I tired now. Early night for me I thinks.
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It's Official ----- "I'm Shit" !!

Well, I will not now be at the VNV gig this evening. I'm also going to have to cancel my attendence at The Bravery's show tomorrow night. This will make it at least FOUR gigs in a row that I've not been able to attend (Sons & Daughters last Monday, Young Gods Friday, VNV Nation tongiht and The Bravery tomorrow night). It might be five but I'm not sure I've been to something since I cancelled The White Stripes outting or not?

Anyway, apologise to all whom I was meeting down there and especially to Dee who I was originally going with (I'm sure Simon will be a more than able - and energetic - replacement for me!!!).

My eyes still feel like they have grit in them and my throat is playing up again :(

I'm going to have a couple of nights being very solitary in the aim/hope to be 110% fighting fit for this coming weekends Dragonmeet Convention. I don't really fancy running a stand and doing panels feeling lousy :p

My immeidate aim is to be well enough to go to the Franz Ferdinand gig on Wednesday night too.

The joys of winter immune systems....
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Things Not To Do This Week (and my myspace address)

#1. Not to feel like vanishing off the face of the Earth.
There is way too much to do this week and all through December for me to be feeling like disappearing. As much as part of me is really calling to vanish for a while to foreign climes I know I can't do it. Apart from anything else there is no reason to be feeling like this. Things are going pretty well at the moment (apart from not being able to shake this bug I've picked up). Work has picked up and is looking like it'll be a good Christmas. Publishing is going reasonably smoothy (although my email situation really needs to get fixed.....). Happy with my friends and family and have even made a very good new friend in the last few weeks. So why the sudden 'slump' in Angus-dom. F**ked if I know.

All I know is that I'm having a really big 'tug' at present wanting me to go away somewhere by myself for awhile. I go through these phases every so often but the only time I truely 'ran away' as such was back in 95 and that worried alot of people. Although saying that my emotional state at the time was very low and among the people I worried was myself too - 2005 is completely different 'stronger' emotional state so no fears about doing anything stupid now :p

I think I might look at going abroad for New Year. It'll save me trying to figure out what to do here in London and I like being out of the country for New Years anyway. Some of my best New Year Eves have been over in France, although I'm not sure if I'd head there this year. Find myself a nice hotel in a nice city and disappear with a few good books and a supply of pens and notebooks. Let#s hope I get an Ipod for Christmas so I can go with some good music too!!! :p

Btw, I now have a myspace account. Any of you Myspace users can find me at

I'm currently seriously lacking friends over there (although the friends I do have are of the highest caliber) so if any of you do have myspace accounts please let me know!!!

Take care folks.

PS - The new Fields of the Nephilim CD 'Mourning Sun' is actually very good (although I'm not convinved with McCoy's cover of 'In the Year 2525' which is a bonus track on the CD i have).
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