December 1st, 2005

Old Friend

Harder core than The Strokes......

This evening saw Mel, Michael Drunken Nurse and myself trapse off into the wilds of Muswell Hill to see Franz Ferdinand live at Alexander Palace. We got their in time to see The Editors who were very good and then managed to find our way into the guest areas for drinks (and seats) whilst we waited for Franz to come on stage. Downside of the guest area was that they didn't have any cider so I broke with trdaition and ended up drinking beer all night (apart from the pre-gig cider and a couple of bottles of cider brought at the peasants bar! :p).

Franz Ferdinand were absolutely amazing. I thought they'd be good but they totally rocked! Choosing a favourite live song would be very hard as they played a lot of good ones - still it would definetly be something off their debut album - possibly Michael actually. Anyway they were FAB!

We then decided not to go home and go to the Aftershow Party instead. This was mainly down to wanting more alcohol than any idea of 'smoozing' the crowd. The three of us ended up on a table with some really nice people though so it made the aftershow even better (although please allow for the lack of cider availability in my last comment...).

By the time we left the place had started to seriously thin out. As for the title of this post? Well The Strokes were at the Aftershow but left REALLY EARLY ---- LIGHTWEIGHTS!!!! hehe....
Old Friend

....Of Madonna and Sugababes CDs

I seem to have become addicted to the new Madonna and Sugababes Cds. Both are really good (ok, I know most of my F-List would probably disagree with me on that one apart from those of you who are either gay or have good taste in music (or both! :p)).

Any doubts I may have had about old Maddie have certainly been dismissed - although it is a bit "spot the influence" on some of the tracks. One of them does sound remarkably like Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult!!!!

Anyway, I'm off for lunch and more pop! :D
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Angus May 2005


Tonight Matthew I am strangely happy yet hideously behind all my work.

Dragonmeet this Saturday. If you're in London please come on by and say hello!!!

I'll have Cthulhu DVDs and lots of other coolness....:D
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