December 2nd, 2005

Old Friend

Anthony & The Johnsons

OK, The Anthony & The Johnsons CD is weird.

May have to take it off the work stereo when everyone else arrives and re-listen to it in the privacy of my own bedroom post-weekend.

He's certainly got an interesting voice. You certainly wouldn't put the face to the voice in any case.

Not entirely sure if I like it or not as yet though.
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    Anthony & The Johnsons
Drawn Together

Sugababes 'Obsession' Cover Post

I've no idea how I missed it on the plays we made of the new Sugababes CD yesterday but I've just realised they have a cover of 'Obsession' by Animotion on the albumn!

Obsesssion is one of my favourite 80's tracks and I've not heard it properly since the day after my plane crash a few years ago!

Me now happy!!! :D

Also - any one know if there ius a release date for the Drawn Together series yet? Either UK or US release will do?
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