December 7th, 2005

Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

LOOK! Cute Puppies!!!

I was going to write a post about getting silicone gel everywhere but thought better of it.

Then I thought about writing about the all-girl pyjama parties that a few people on my friends list seem to be getting ever so excited about. Especially now that tooth_fairy has exposed what goes on at such events.

Instead let me give you some cute puppies.

Please note these puppies are neitehr mine nor anyone I know. They are random puppies picked up off the internet in order to change the topic of conversation.
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(New Music) Trinovantes

Another band I thought I'd bring to your attention is Trinovantes. I found them via a recent mickmercer review and the tracks I've heard have been really good. Going to have to get hold of the CD from them.

This is also another reason why I'm falling in love with myspace. For bands of all sizes it is a great platform.
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Old Friend

Gaming and Man U's Demise....

Had a good Star Wars RPG session with the gang this evening. It's a shame we've only got one more game this year (the 21st) as Christmas commitments have left that as the only Wednesday night we all have free. Still, it'll be good entering 2006 on a good steady run of games night this year. I've certainly played a heck of a lot more Board games this year than previously and it's also good to be RPGing again (even if Star Wars/Sci-Fi isn't my favoured genre...).

The football fans amongst the group (being all bar Dom) cheered when we heard the 'sad' news that Manchester United have not only failed to qualify for the next round of the Champions League but by finishing BOTTOM of their qualifying group have been completely knocked out of Europe this year - not even getting the default entry into the UEFA Cup! Hehehe...way to go guys!!! :p

Anyway, I'm goign to dedicate the rest of the evening to listening to music and reading a good book.

So I'll most probably chat to a bunch of you tomorrow!

Take care and sweet dreams LJ-land!
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