December 9th, 2005



There are some points in your life you wish you could just hit the Fast Forward button to get you to a place you'd prefer to be.

There are other points that you wish you could hit Puase so you can enjoy the moment forever and never loose it.

There are even other points that you wish you could rewind. Either to return to the memories or change something. As much as I've done things that have hurt or were not good (for whatever reason) I still wouldn't change a thing as I wouldn't be me today.

Of course it is a Me that is desperatly looking for a Fast Forward button at the moment, so that might not be the best thing.
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Old Friend

Titles? Who cares what I write here.....

I've pinpointed my mood.


I hate feeling like this. It's also really unfortunate that I've hit this feeling at this particular time. Four of the people I feel closest too are currently completely unavailable or don't seem to be talking to me for whatever reasons.

(EDIT Snipped - If you were on LJ late Friday night you saw this bit. If not you missed it - sorry!)

The above hasn't really helped to pick me up or stabilise my current bout of temperant shifts between happy/depressed.

I have an itch. I know what I'd like to do but I can't see any way of actually doing it.

I hate it when people, especially those close to me, are feeling down and depressed and I can't do anything to help.

Lots of wilderness.

At least 'Peep Show' was an amusing break. Great TV show :)

Fast Forward.
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    Fields of the Nephilim
Old Friend

Dear Readers.....

I do realise that my LJ has largely been a bit "down beat" recently. I'll try and keep further "down beat" entries out of here for the near future - or at least down to the bare ranty 'Angus needs an outlet' minimum.

I will try and fill your friends pages with things slightly more upbeat or interesting.

I would apologise for the last few years worth of posts but enough of you seem to have stayed on for the ride and for that I'm eternally grateful to you.