December 11th, 2005

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"Blair's Britain"......or "The Death of Free Speech in the 21st Century"

Tried to find a link to this last night but actualsean posted a link to a story on his LJ so that made things easier finding the one I wanted plus reading about other infringements....

"I pass protesters every day at Downing Street, and believe me, you name it, they protest against it. I may not like what they call me but I thank God they can. That's called freedom" - Tony Blair, April 2002

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers" - Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19

Not in Britian anymore it seems.......

A Casualty of Free Speech (The Independent Online Edition; Saturday 10th December 2005)

Blair's Britain 2005: Where Peaceful Protest Can Be Costly (The Independent Online Edition; Saturday 10th December 2005)

............Where's "V" when you need him......
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(News) This mornings explosion......

It appears loads of others in the area were woken by this but I very soundly slept all the way through it. In fact last night was possibly one of my longest sleeps this year.

This is quite odd as I usually wake up very easily so you'd expect a fuel depot blowing up and being heard for 100+ miles around would have stirred me as I'm certainly within it's range.

Massive Explosion Hits Fuel Depot (BBC News Online; Sunday 11th December 2005)
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Contact Details & Voting Records for your MP...

Some useful links to reach your local MP, MEP, MSP or Welsh and London Assembly Members in case you wish to voice complaints and/or support regarding any issue. - for a complete list of contacts and which will fax or email your representative. which aims to have you develope a longer term relationship with your MP  - by putting you in touch with your MP. "Not for a specific purpose, but in order to hear what they're working on, to debate their thoughts in a safe, friendly environment, and generally to build better, more useful relationships between constituents and their MPs." - voting records for your MP

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The Sky Is Full Of......Soot?

We've been having strands of the smoke clouds going over us all day because of the explosion up in Hemel. I've just looked out of the window and whereas we're fairly clear above us there is a very large, thick, black cloud in the distance heading our way.

Luckily we are not expecting any rain so we shouldn't get covered in the 'black stuff' but it will eventually be deposited on land. I've seen a couple of mild health warnings on a couple of sites about it's final descent on to us but haven't heard anything official as yet.

At least it won't be as bad as when Chernobyl went up in the 80's. I still very vividly remember the yellow streaked washing in the gardens after rain storms and the foul yellow foam on the surf of the waves as they came to shore near my grandparents house. An oil explosion is nasty but will eventually die down and its effects are very short lived for the vast majority (there will doubt me instances of smoke inhilation, etc, as we've already seen but on the whole they will be very few) whereas a real disdaster such as the one at Chernobyl will have global effects for years to come.
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The Angus Agenda

I've been thinking about a variety of things over the last week or so. Mainly in the last few days to be honest. A bit of a 'Angus life overview' if you like.

I have come to a number of decisions about who I am, what I want to be doing and where and I want to get to. In some ways I guess that's why actualsean thought I was a lot more chilled out yesterday when he saw me - and not just because of an afternoon chatting about ninja squirrels.....

My decisions are probably going to upset a few people but these unfortunately can not be helped. I hope they can understand where I'm coming from and my reasons for why I have drop certain projects I'm either already involved with or was about to become more so in.

For once in my life I am actually going to put the myself on the top of the 'Angus Agenda' with some clear goals and aims. I'm also going to put a number of people I feel very close to on that agenda and make sure I spend more time with them as opposed to trying to crowd every waking moment of my life trying to keep busy so I don't have to think about things.

As I've mentioned in previous posts - the things I was trying to ignore/remove from my thoughts are now so old as not to be worth the time and effort in not dwelling on them anymore. For the larger part I have actually managed to forget what they were anyway - so I guess it's been a successful venture....

Two of my main three concerns will remain my various jobs. One being at Leisure Games trying to figure out ways to make the company grow further and build upon the recognition we have already got within the industry and consumerland. The other being the publishing business with Cubicle 7 - don't want to let that one slip! My third concern will be friendships, especially establishing some closer friendships and also possibly looking, at somestage, into getting into a serious relationship again. My last serious relationship was three or four years ago? Something like that I think. Whilst I did then go out with Sarah for about a year (give or take the seperation time) and she is still a close friend it was not going to be a longterm relationship and we both knew that.

2005 has on the whole been an interesting year and I'm generally very happy with the way it's been. 2006 however will be used to build upon this and take the Angus Agenda further.
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Angus May 2005

Angus' Email Update

Right, I've tried figuring out how to reimport my Mozilla Thunderbird Cache back into Mozilla Thunderbird but it doesn't want to know. I'm sure this is down to me being a technological luddite (I am) rather than any other complication. It does mean though that it's still not visibile. If anyone out there local to me thinks they can help bring it back please let me know and we'll arrange a time and date and I'll treat you to a meal or something as a thank you. Sasha - looking at you in particular but anyone else who can help please throw your comments up now! :D

In the meantime I have given in and reactivated my Outlook program. It does mean that I'm missing all correspondence between 27th June until 6th November but it allows me to at least start working through the more recent backlog and getting back into gear and on top of a number of very important, pressing, issues as well as generally being more in communication again.

Even when I retrieve my lost mail I will now be sticking with Outlook as that had never failed me and I was a FOOL to ever leave it (I sound like a British gas advert don't I? ;p).

Anyway, I have several hundred mails to sift through that were on my server awaiting my attention. I binned many others whilst checking them online but still have a lot which are relevant and need my attention.

So, if you've been waiting for a reply from me you should now hopefully be getting one soon (if you sent me the mail after Nove,ber 6th that is...). Otherwise you'll just have to wait until the final part of my problem is resolved.

I now pass you back to your regular viewing.....

(EDIT: OK, Outlook doesn't seem to want to send anything out so I'll have to get THAT fixed too now...grrr)
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