December 15th, 2005

Old Friend

Today is the opposite of calm and quiet....

Am *very* busy today :(

Have had no lunch :(

Last cigarette break was in the AM :( .....ok, that one isn't so bad...

Can't work late tonight either as a friends coming over to try and fix my email situation.

Need to make some important (non-work) phonecalls this afternoon, plus drop laundry off, plus get a parcel off to France (which i should have sent yesterday to guarantee Christmas delivery!!


I need a DRINK!!!

Right. Fag and phone call RIGHT NOW!

EDIT: Ok, Andy C (the man I need to talk to) isn't answering his mobile. If anyone talks to him later please let him know that I need to talk to him fairly urgently. I'll try again after I've eaten. Bye!

EDIT EDIT: Now spoken to Andy C. Panic over :p
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The Little Dough Men are watching me....

You know, I think I may have been working too hard on too little sleep.

I was just convinced that a little tubby dough like figure was staring at me a few moments ago (think of something similiar to the Dunlop man if you like) from the cracks in a wall.

I may very well have a relaxing southern comfort and coke this evening once I finally get home. Also Ric G is en route to meet me at work to try and salvage my email problems. Thanks to Saint Ric I may *finally* be able to talk to the world again via email - which would be kinda handy.
Old Friend

Email Update

OK, Saint Ric has managed to get my lost emails back and present within Thunderbird but I'm still having issues sending email. It seems that I have a problem with my SMTP Server Name and possibly my username and password.

I would talk to Bulldog but their customer services/technical support shut at 8pm so I'm having to wait until tomorrow (they open at 8AM so I may try and sort it out before work tomorrow).

Many thanks to Saint Ric though for travelling all the way up to the wilds of North London to help me out. He had a hell of a journey too as his tube broke down and had to be shuntered to East Finchley!

Anyway, I feel a light is in sight. Hopefully this will be sorted in the next 48 hours.
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