December 16th, 2005

Angus May 2005

Norah Jones.....

This evening I seem to have become addicted to Norah Jones. What an amazing voice she has!

So glad I took the gamble and brought her "Come Away With Me" CD after catching a track of hers of the old music box.

Very soulful...

Anyway, goodnight LJland. I'll see you all for more adventures tomorrow (hopefully less doughy men though....)
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Old Friend

Levellers and also a Slimelight Question

I'm off to party this evening! One of the best live performances I've seen this year (if not THE best) was The Levellers at Glastonbury Festival. An old favourite of mine that I hadn't seen since the mid-90's. Anyway, I'm off to see them again this evening at the Sherpherds Bush Empire and aim to dance the evenings away! Yay!!!! :p

I also have a question about tomorrow nights Slimelight. Does anyone know what time Combichrist are on stage? I have heard it was 1AM but would like to get confirmation as I reckon I'll probably pop over for that but don't want to miss them if they are on any earlier. I'll more than likely not stick around too long after they finish as I'm not a big fan of the club anymore (it's gone a bit too druggy for my liking) and have work on Sunday in anycase.
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