December 18th, 2005

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Won't say too much right now but Peter Jackson's King Kong was very good fun. Loved Skull Island and all of it's inhabitants! My pulp fix has been sated for now.

Go watch it!
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(Prologue) Top Ten Films/Gigs of 2005

I was just having a look at my Top Ten list of films for 2005 which I'll be announcing in just under two weeks time now. The reason for it was to place the new King Kong film up amongst them. Looking at the list has made me realise how many really good films I've managed to see this year. The top six films are all very hard to place in order, and indeed a number of the 10-20 films would usually be vying for a Top Ten place. Indeed I may actually do a Top 20 Films list this year instead of the usual Top Ten.

The Top Ten gigs is also going to be fairly hard as I've managed to see a lot of shows this year - plus going to a festivals always knocks the number of bands you see up quite considerably. May do a Top 20 Live Bands thing as well if I opt to do that for the films.

Guess I should be pleased I made good on one of my resolutions and got out more :p
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GigMania X: N + O

The tenth installment takes us around the bands I've seen live beginning with 'N' and 'O'.

Now this category includes some of my favourite acts (Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nouvelle Vague) as well as some really good surprise live acts that you possibly wouldn't associate with me (Neneh Cherry). Other top acts include The Nefilim and NFD - which some would say are almost the same thing really :p

Also in here are both Oasis and there covers band No Way Sis - both of whom are equally as bad as the otehr live. No Way Sis I caught at a festival back in the 90's and Oasis I only saw because I had VIP tickets through the place I was working when they played Knebworth in 1996. Best thing about that gig was the free food, drink, computer games and mixing it up with the celebrities :p

Oh those heady days....:p


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Angus May 2005

Coachella Festival 2006 - April 29th & 30th

I guess I should start thinking about whether or not to to go Coachella this year. I've never been but the line-up is usually fantatsic (just go onto their site and have a look at last years...)

Anyway, it's in California so it is a bit of a trek. Would anyone be up for flying over for it? We could either get a hotel or hire out a condo (with pool! :p) for a few days and make a real holiday of it!

If there is enough interest I'll seriously look at getting something sorted.

The only band that I know is playing so far (they haven't announced the line-up yet) is Depeche Mode who, I believe, will be headlining on one of the nights.
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Have a Merry PC Christmas...

"The truth is they're usually much happier with the idea of a Christian festival than with some general excuse to have a good time in midwinter." - Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams

"Actually I prefer a general excuse to have a good time in midwinter, and celebrate midwinters, than the idea of a Christian Festival" - Angus Abranson

But I do agree with him that some places are being overly silly about their concerns that Christian Symbology in Christmas causing offence. It's been around for hundreds of years now and been commercialised heavily for the last 100/150+ so anyone who is really surprised and/or offended by the symbology of commercialised Christianity should really get into the 21st Century.

Archbishop Attacks "PC" Christmas (BBC News Online; Sunday 18th December 2005)
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