December 20th, 2005

Old Friend

Brazil 201.....

Make that 201..... an old Brazillian friend of mine bubasti_br has just apparently found me :p

I want more friends from Brazil on LJ! They all seem to be or Orkut and write in Portuguese which is not much use to me! I joined them on Orkut years ago but don't understand the messages I'm sent!!! Guess I should get off my ass and learn a few words. Especially as I want to head back there soon....
Old Friend

(UK) Private Health Care Question

I believe a few of you out there are either with BUPA or a private health care group.

I was wondering how you have found them and whether or not you would reccommend them to me. What benefits do you feel they have over the competition, etc?

Thanks for any help!

(I really am going to bed now. I know I've been saying that for the last two hours but well, you know, the net sucks your time...time for a shrot read before my zzzz's)
Manga Me

(Email Update #xx)

After Saint Ric did most of the hard work last week for me I've just been waiting to get in early enough to phone Bulldog technical support to finish things off and return to the land of being able to receive and send emails again.

The good news is that after a 3-4 minute chat with the Tech Support guys everything seems like it's working again! Yay!

The bad news is...well there doesn't seem to be any "at the moment" but I'll wait and see before I go into a euphoric trance and ascend to complete godhood :p

Many thanks to everyone that offered suggestions, support and help during my time off-mail. Especially to Saint Ric who travelled all the way from the wilds of Sarth London on a cranky and delayed Northern Line to come to my aid!

Right, now to start going through the backlog....
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