December 23rd, 2005

Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

If you are my friend then don't read this

Ok, firstly let me get this out of the way.....


I have to say that because if I WAS your friend I wouldn't be telling you about the sale that are currently having. I've only been through the Anime section so far and am currently browsing some of the other sections and WOW...there are some real gems at really good prices in there.

Anyway, if you consider me a friend DON'T go and have a look because I don't want to be responsible for your bank balance. On the other hand if you ARE NOT my friend then go and have a look at the amazing offers!!!!

(I'm currently up to £250 and think I should stop - but I blame Steve/Marc/Cressida for going on about anime the other week and reccommending titles - curse you all!!!)
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