January 2nd, 2006

Old Friend

(News) Russia Vs Ukraine (seconds away Round 2...)

Russia certainly seem to be trying to get into a fight with 'someone' at present. Not only have they reached an almost all-time low in relations with Poland they are kicking up a fuss with the Ukraine at the moment - which actually looks a lot more serious.

They cut off the country's Gas Supply a couple of days ago (due to wanting to quadriple the price the Ukraine pays Russia for its gas - a hike that Ukraine claimed was politically motivated due to the countrys move away from Russia and closer to the West - which looking at the stats involved I'd say was almost certainly partially correct). Now Russia is accusing the Ukraine of stealing $25 million of gas that was en route to EU countries. It's a tricky situation as the pipes run through the Ukraine (which was one of the reasons they were getting cheaper gas from Russia).

Ukraine "Stealing Europe's Gas" (BBC News Online; Monday 2nd January 2006)

Energy And The New World Power Play (BBC News Online; Sunday 1st January 2006)

Putin Admits Ukraine Gas "Crisis" (BBC News Online; Thursday 29th December 2005)

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