January 3rd, 2006


Ouch - Transport Price Rises!

Shit, transport in London is becoming bloody expensive (ok, it was already bloody expensive before today!).

I caught a bus to work this mroning as I was running a bit late (I usually walk - the cheaper and healthier option).

A single bus journey is now £1.50!!! I'm dreading to find out how much the tube is next time I need to use it.

Even though I don't use public transport all that much I think I'm going to have to invest in an Oyster card to keep the costs down.
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Old Friend

Friday - 6th January - Inferno @ The Electric Ballroom, Camden

Hi folks,

This Friday a few of us have decided to check out 'Inferno', a new club at The Electric Ballroom which I've heard a few good things about. Think along the line sof the old style Electric Ballroom nights when Full Tilt used to be there (just without Rex and hopefully much of the bleepy-bleep techno-shit he used to descend into).

We're meeting up at The Worlds End about 8.30 for drinks and then heading across to the club about 10.30/11ish.

It'd be great if some of you guys and gals can come along and join in the party!!!!
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