January 5th, 2006

Old Friend

80's B-Movie Night and Sisters of Mercy Gigs......

Quick post.

B-Movie next Friday (the 13th!) is going to be one of their 80's special nights. So come along for some great cheesey tunes! I'm certainly going to try and make it!!! :p

Also, The Sisters of Mercy have announced an American Tour and one of their LA dates (19th/20th March) falls on the weekend I'm due to return from Vegas. Ergo I may be taking some additional leave after the GTS show and heading to LA to catch either one or both nights (it's a Sunday and Monday). Have to see if I can arrange flights and also get tickets for the gigs though (oh yes, and a hotel room for a few days...)

Hopefully this also means that the Sisters will be playing in the UK again this year!

(In other news - not sure what I've done but my left shoulder/arm have been hurting on-and-off for the last few days. grr....)
Manga Me

For Sale: DVDs/Videos

Well, it's that of life again. The shelves are bulging and I need to get rid of a few bits and pieces to lessen the load and hopefully increase my bank account a little :p

I'm giving my LJ Friends and Readers first dibs before throwing the leftovers onto ebay. So if there's anything you like the look of please leave a comment and we'll arrange payment and delivery. Not much to start with but plenty more to come. I'm also going to start going through a lot of my CDs in the coming months and putting a number of them into digital format and selling off the originals. I have a number of albums that I rarely/never listen to these days and even more that I only really want to keep a track or two from.

Anyway, let's get started:

DVDS (All DVDs are Region 2 unless specified)
SOLD:Battle of the Planets Volume 1 (2 Discs contains 12 Episodes) - £5
Creep - £5
SOLD:Team America: World Police - £5
Robocop Collection (2 Discs) (Please note this is a collection of four 'Films' which actually seem to be TV Movies) - £3
Napoleon Dynamite - £5
Monster - £5
The Interpreter - £5
Frequency - £5
Enigma - £5
SOLD:Dodgeball (This claims to be R1 but seems to be R2 so should work fine on R2 players) - £5
Cats & Dogs - £5
Battle Royale II (2 Discs) (Region 3) - £5

SOLD:Lord of the Rings Animated Film - £3
(All Buffy/Angel box sets contain 3 videos per set)
Buffy Season 1 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 2.1 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 2.2 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 3.1 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 3.2 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 4.1 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 4.2 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 5.1 Box Set - £7.50
Buffy Season 5.2 Box Set - £7.50
SOLD:Buffy Season 6.1 Box Set - £7.50
SOLD:Buffy Season 6.2 Box Set - £7.50
SOLD:Buffy Season 7.1 Box Set - £7.50
SOLD:Buffy Season 7.2 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 1.1 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 1.2 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 2.1 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 2.2 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 3.1 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 3.2 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 4.1 Box Set- £7.50
Angel Season 4.2 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 5.1 Box Set - £7.50
Angel Season 5.2 Box Set - £7.50
(Please note: I am prepared to negotiate prices if you are looking at buying several seasons of Buffy and/or Angel. I can also set up a payment scheme to spread the cost of complete series purchases over a number of months if that would help)
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Old Friend

Los Angeles Question....

This one's really for my American readers, but also to anyone who knows a little of the LA area....

How far is it between Anaheim and central Los Angeles?

Just noticed that the Sisters are playing a date at Anaheim just before hitting Sunset Blvd and was wondering how far the two cities are between each other? I know they are pretty much merge into one massive sprawling metropolis (or atleast it looks like it on the map) but have a feeling we could be talking about rather alot of mileage between the two?

Any help?
Filler Bunny

(Meme) A-Z

After doing several sensible posts today I have now resorted to a Meme before retiring to read.

A - Accent: Undefined. People keep asking me about it. I'm rather accent neutral at times which unfortunately means I can also slip into using an accent of those around me if I'm not careful.
B - Breakfast Item: Ahem. Depends. Often a Chicken & Bacon Ranch from Subway atm, or a Bacon & Egg Roll from the local cafe. Today was bananas and satsumas which is where I'd prefer my breakfast style to be heading. On my days off it's usually breakfast cereals (Weetabix, Bran Flakes or Special K)
C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the oven/cooker (But that's why I employ a house cleaner)
D - Dad's Name: Christian Erik
E - Essential everyday item: Air
F - Flavour ice cream: Vanilla or Chocolate
G - Gold or Silver?: Silver
H - Hometown: Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
I - Insomnia: More often than not.
J - Job Title: Director (although I rarely use it)
K - Kids: Almost but no. Although maybe one day.
L - Living arrangements: Shared house
M - Mum's birthplace: Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK.
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: Depends what you mean by significant. Proper longer-term relationships I'd go with 6.
O - Overnight hospital stays: One.
P - Phobia: Needles.
Q - Queer?: Sometimes rather odd.
R - Religious Affiliation: Angus.
S - Siblings: 3 younger sisters.
T - Time you wake up: usually between 7.30 to 9am
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: black, blue, green (accidental)
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Can't think of any off-hand but I reckon there must be atleast one.
W - Worst Habit: Not sure. I would say wrkaholic but I'm sure I have worse than that! :p
X - X-rays you’ve had: As far as I'm away jusy my foot/leg and head.
Y - Yummy: Many things.
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus.

Goodnight folks!
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