January 6th, 2006

Brotherhood of the Wolf - Horses

Weekend Plans & Shopping

Friday Night = 8.30ish = Worlds End Pub in Camden followed by "Inferno" at The Electric Ballroom
Saturday Day = Clothes shopping in London (decided it was time to update at least a few bits of my wardrobe and also have a mission to buy a Napoleonic/Victoriana style jacket that I've seen someone else wearing :p). Might also pop into Camden if I'm feeling really foolish.
Saturday Night - Unsure
Sunday = Work :(

So, please come and party with me tonight!

Go on, you know you want to! :D
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Pinched Nerve.....

Just ran my symptoms through an online diagnosis and it seems I'm most probably sufferning from a pinched nerve in my neck area. Didn't tell me how to get rid of it though.

I have a feeling that lots of dancing and alcohol tonight might not be the cure but I'll give it ago. If I'm offline for a while after tonight I've probably paralyzed myself!

Guess I should go and buy some Deep Heat in preparation though :p
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