January 7th, 2006

Old Friend

"The Morning After" (or "At My Age I Should Know Not To Mix Drinks And Smoke So Much....")

Ok I'll admit to having a bit of a hangover from last night - but only a bit mind you - and my throat feels a lot better than I thought it would. Mind you I haven't spoken to anyone yet so we'll see how it holds out during the course of the day :p

I'll do a report of the pub/club later. Right now I need to go hunter-gathering for food and then might go and be foolish in London whilst attempting some clothes shopping and AVOIDING entering any book/cd/dvd stores.
To Do....

Mission: Failed......

We have a man, let's call him Angus. He had a mission. It was to go into London and buy some new clothes WITHOUT going into those nasty book/record stores that take his money.

Angus went to London. Angus failed to go into a SINGLE clothes store (although he did look through numerous windows but just couldn't get the enthusiasm to go and look round).

He then WENT into other NASTY stores and has now ended up with the following:

Millennium Season 1, 2 & 3 (DVD) - Jade was telling me the other night that she thought I'd like them (with the not-so-hidden agenda of wanting to watch them herself)
Azumi 1 & 2 (DVD) - Japanese live-action film I've been meaning to get for a while, plus it's sequel as the box set was only £5 more than buying just the one film
Memoirs of a Geisha (Book) - Was going to order a copy of this but HMV had it for £2.99 so they got my cash. Already a couple of chapters in and it's got me captivated.
Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me (CD) - Because I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Roots Manuva before Sean played one of his CDs in store yesterday.
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions (CD) - because I really like "The End" and wanted to see hat the otehr collaborations are like.
Sony PS2 - Er. Whoops. It did come with two games though and was a good price (One of the games was Shadow The Hedgehog which I've been looking at for a few weeks)

So I can honestly say I completely failed Saturday's Mission. I will now go and bury myself.
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Old Friend

One reason why I love football......

If anyone else saw the Luton Town vs Liverpool match just now they should know why I love football. All action, great suspense, some great football and possibly one of the best FA Cup Ties I've seen in years.

Liverpool went 1-0 up, then found themselves 1-3 down before eventually winning the game 5-3 after also missing a penalty.

Absolutely brilliant.

As usual the FA Cup has also provided some surprise results with a couple of Premiership Teams drawing with some of the lowest league and non-league teams in the country!

Torquay 0 - 0 Birmingham
Nuneaton 1 - 1 Middlesborough

Shame Norwich lost today (1-2 to West Ham) but then I know the West Ham supporters on my list will be happy! :p
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(Meme) Narcissistic

Partially because I was curious and partially because I'm a sheep and many of my friends were doing it.

Not sure about the lacking interpersonal empathy though. What do you guys think??

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