January 13th, 2006


...and now for bed....

Don't know what's just come over me but in the last 15 minutes I've gone from fine to hot/cold flushes, shakey and green/red spots in front of my eyes.

I'm heading to lay down in a dark room for a bit and take some pills and water to combat this.

Still should be at B-Movie but will revise my position in a couple of hours pending symptoms vanishing.

Till laters....
Old Friend

Mission B-Movie is Back On!

Right. Awake now. Still have mild headache but am getting ready to go and rock and roll at B-Movie anyway.

If I really feel worse for wear I can just grab the last train home but I certainly would like to go and party tonight (despite my head saying otehrwise today :p).

I won't be getting their before about 9.30/10 though but I will be there!!!