January 16th, 2006

Good Friend/Best Friend

Public Health Warning

Do NOT play Civ4.

Especially when working in the morning.

God, I haven't spent almost all night playing a computer game in years! I'm usually either asleep or drunk by now. Tonight I'm neither.

Here's looking forward to being in work in 3-and-a-half-hours anyway.
Old Friend

Urgent Sky Owners Request

If anyone has Sky and a blank video please could you record the Redemption program currently on the Musicians Channel (475)?

They are going to be showing some live footage of sinbadsilk and Voices of Masada from their Underworld gig a while back but Sin hasn't got Sky and didn't realise it was on until I just rang him.

I don't have any videos :(

It would be most appreciated and you will be refunded the price of a blank video plus postage (if neccessary).