January 17th, 2006

Old Friend

Voices of Masada TV Segment

Well I have now seen Sinbad and co on telly and can go to sleep content. I didn't realise that Redemption TV was on until 2.45am! Nor did I realise how dreadful the show actually was that I had to sit through, with both my housemates, until the fifteen/twenty minute segment dedicated to Voices of Masada (00.05 to 00.25ish)

Glad to say the boys came across very well. Sin especially came acrossed in the interview really relaxed and natural. He could have been chatting to you down the pub!

The interview was worked in with two songs from their Underworld set last year - one partway through the interview and the other to close it.

I hope it was good exposure for the band although like I said earlier the rest of Redemption TV (apart from anotehr segment featuring Bullet For My Valentine) was utter shite and I doubt I'll be watching it again. Unless they actually get some presenters and interviewers who are actually any good. (Louisa actually knew the main presenter too as she used to go clubbing with her loads a few years ago. It's a small world.)
Manga Me

Quick CD Round-Up

Initial impressions after one listen each:

El Presidente - El Presidente - very good
The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth - so-so/can't remember much of it but I was fairly busy at the time of listening
Nizpoli - (can't recall the name) - apart from JCB I really didn't like it :(
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To Do....

Parrot spills the beans on cheating girlfriend....

Saw this story on the BBC website and was amused....

Parrot Squawks on Woman's Affair (BBC News Online; Tuesday 17th January 2006)

Will be leaving work in a few minutes for two days off. Feel like shit though. I hope I feel better tomorrow otherwise I'll not be enjoying my little break. It's sods law that you feel ill when you're not at work though :(

I also figured out what I want in life. Now all I have to do is try and achieve it. Figuring it out was hard, achieving it will be harder still. But hell, gives me something to aim for. And no I'm not saying what it is.

Anyway, till laters.....