January 27th, 2006

Old Friend

Quick Update

Still off ill although I *have* to go into work tomorrow afternoon as cover. This sucks as I really don't feel well but hopefully I'll feel slightly better tomorrow and in anycase I can just let poor David look after shop-front and vegitate - as long as I'm there to answer any questions he doesn't know and to cash up at the end of the day :(

In theory I slept for a very long time yesterday. I initially went to bed at 4 in the afternoon and woke up this morning at about 11am. Unfortunately this was interspersed with bouts of restless wakefulness and lots of feeling lousy.

The cats are being very loving - but I have a feeling part of that is because they needed feeding and some fresh water! :p

Anyway, hopefully I'll actually be able to do something constructive this afternoon. My eyes are feeling less gritty and although the computer screen is still a bit too bright I reckon I might be able to watch some TV or maybe even do some reading.

Anyway, better go and check on my pasta. Bye!