January 30th, 2006

Drawn Together

Sunday, Sunday...shame it leads into Monday....

Had a good day today - I even managed to eat two whole meals!!!! :)

I started my task of transerring my remaining CD Singles into MP3's. There is a load to get through - and then of course I have to weed out the tracks that I don't like and delete them - but it's a task I've long planned to do once I got a decent sized hard-drive and a stack of blank CDs. Expect me to start selling off a lot of the original CD's once I've cleared the backlog. I seem to have a lot from 1996 - but then that was the period I was working at a record store and we were showered with freebie singles (the early/mid 90's was a good time to be working in a chart return shop - we got so many freebies from CDs to gig tickets - bribes never!...hmmmmm :-p).

mooncadet came over this afternoon. It's the first time I've seen her since before Christmas so we had a good old catch up. Chatted loads about life and music, planned a load of gigs and watched a load of new movie trailers on the net. I must say that Silent Hill looks like it'll be fantastic. The trailor is so spooky and certainly looks true to the game (what little of the game I know anyway!).

We also then watched Sin City as Mel has never seen it before. Whereas with Jade we seem to watch fairly naff movies at present (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Creep being high on that list this month), Mel seems to get the really great ones (the last film she saw here - Batman Begins - she really loved too). Don't worry Mel, we will give you a bad film experience sooner or later!! hehe...

Oh, and for anyone who read her journal, when she said she's covered in jizz - IT WAS NOT ME! One of the damn cats is called Jizz and seems to shed her white fur on everyone who graces my house. This can cause misconceptions - especially when talking about the cats in crowded cafes or in other public places - and I just wanted to distance myself from any rumours resulting from Mel's comments!!! :p

After Mel had departed Jade and myself caught the first episode in Drawn Together Season 2 - which was good fun as expected. Glad it's back on telly. I was missing my fix!

Anyway, I have work tomorrow as I'm a lot better than previous (still not 100% and still coughing/feeling a bit lousy) but feel I really should get in and work as much as I can. Not sure what this weeks highlights will be. We're gaming Wednesday, I'm off to see Bauhaus on Friday (and may go clubbing afterwards if I'm feeling a lot better) and Mel may pop over at somepoint to start our Kevin Smith marathon. I also want to try and get a whole shitload of work done this week as although I was home for much of last week I was ill and slept for at least 18 hours out of every 24 and did bugger all because my eyes hurt and I felt too ill. This has put me even further behind in my plans for world domination. Oh yes, I also want to try and fit 'Munich' into my plans somehow. Shit....
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False Advertising

I was born in a fishing town and can categorically state that 'Ocean Spray' room freshners do not smell remotely like the ocean.

I was nervous to press the spray button because of the fishy/salty smells that would ensue. What did I get instead!?! Some sickly sweet fragrance!!!

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