February 9th, 2006

Drawn Together

El Presidente - Dingwalls Tonight!

This is whom I'm seeing this evening....

...and I still have a spare ticket as my flatmate just bailed on me. Anyone want it? Nicole? If you're interested please leave a message and we'll arrange meeting points!
EDIT: Ok, Nicole's at the movies tonight so that's another one down. Come on people! Otherwise a lucky punter in the que (or a pub beforehand) is going to get a freebie!
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Good Friend/Best Friend

El Presidente - Fantastic Gig!

El Presidente were absolutely funking fantastic this evening. I had a really great gig and they really did impress me. I like the album but live they are just so much more rock and funk orientated.

May try to write a review tomorrow (huh - we all know "that" will happen - ED) as I don't think I'm in a fit state to write anything too coherant at present (like you "ever" are - ED).

Night night LJ-land!