February 10th, 2006


Lib Dem By-Election Victory Shocker!

...and I don't mean shocker because the party is without a leader or because of the recent drink/sex scandals that have hit certain of the LibDem MPs.

I mean shock because the LibDems just overturned a Labour majority of 11,500 votes to win the Dunfermline and East Fife By-Election. This seat was considered a very safe seat for Labour. Wow!

Lib Dems Deliver Blow To Labour (BBC News Online; Friday 10th February 2006)
Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

Note to Self: Weights

Please note that when wearing socks you should first put your weights in a safe place where they won't automatically attract your toes. Kicking said weights when not wearing shoes may result in some hopping around but actually using them regular is a much more efficent (and less painful) way of exercise.
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