February 12th, 2006

Old Friend

Non-Update Part II

Have decided I may give Gig #4 a miss tomorrow as it became clear tonight that my afroementioned "head space" is not actually in the clearing I thought it was.

In some ways I'm looking forward to the Vegas/LA trip. It may mainly be work but it is also really nice to catch up with a load of people I know but don't see very often. It will also be nice to have a break from usual life for ten days. I need to get away and this forthcoming trip is the next best thing to a holiday.

I think I'll almost certainly be booking a weekend away shortly after I return to either Prague, Amsterdam or Paris. Maybe all three over the next few months.

I didn't realise how much I missed someone until this evening.

Luckily I had Lady Bug's wonderful company to keep me vaguely sane and lend some emotional support. I don't know what I'd so if we lost touch, she's certainly been a groundstone for me over the last few years.

Left the Dead 60's gig early and ended up in The Worlds End. Then decided I was better off at home and thus have appeared back here. Going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day, blah, blah, blah....
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Old Friend


Today has been work-filled and constructive. I think I needed it too.

I got a whole load of things done at the shop today, all ready to kick start Monday off being fairly upto date (including the completion of a long term project we had).

At home I have been having a mini-cleansing session. I've taken a large bag of old closthes (mainly t-shirts) to the clothes bank, sorted out my overcrowded wardrobe (and discovered a load of things I'd forgotten about), and also went back through my remaining 7" singles and bagged them up to take to a charity shop tomorrow. It's a heavy old sack now though so I may have to go to work on the bus - I'm not sure I could carry them all the way myself! I kept about 25-30 but the rest are all gone. Which is also nice because I can now see carpet and open both doors to my wardrobe (I'd stacked them there months ago).

Also been sorting through some of my books as that's the next most cluttered aspect of my bedroom at present. I have amassed piles of books (and games) around the room and aim to find new homes for them within the next week (if not tonight). I reckon having a clearer living space will help me (and also stop me kicking my weights...grrr...). My CD to MP3 is also progressing. I reckon I'm now over halfway through on the CD Singles conversions. Will probably throw up a list of the ones I'm selling on here at somepoint and then put the left overs onto ebay before they disappear down to the charity shops too.

Decided not to go to the gig tonight. Have had three on the trot and have three of four more in the next seven days so can afford to miss one. Plus I'm not in the mood to go out tonight and don't have a 'gig buddy' for tonights show (plus don't really know The Paddingtons or The Dogs - although Inme are apparently also playing whom I've heard a few tracks from). Instead I will continue to be a whirlwind of housebound activity.
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