February 13th, 2006

Old Friend


Just saw the last 5-10 minutes of 'Stankervision' on MTV. It's an American comedy series but in many ways it's humour is very British (as in pretty damn dark). I, and Louisa and Jade, really enjoyed it and I hope I remember to catch it in full next week.

Between sketches advertising 'Pet-o-Files' (say it out loud if you don't get the joke immediately :p), The Worlds Best Execution Blunders and Giant Penises giving out free samples of a new drink, and general sarcasm against the general public, it brought many a smile to our faces.

Reccommended viewing, but not for the faint hearted!
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Old Friend

New Nouvelle Vague Album Track Listing

Nouvelle Vague are releasing a brand new album this year (yay!). As older readers will know I am a massive fan of Nouvelle vague and there music. They are a French band that combine the lyrics of English 'New Wave' tracks with the music of Brazillan 'New Wave' (Samba-esque) and the vocals of French 'New Wave' (easy listening female vocals). I was pretty dubious when I was first told about them but after istening to their debut album I was in love. I think I've managed to convert everyone I've played it to as well so it's appeal goes beyond me :p

Anyway, the new album will cover the following:


1. BAUHAUS : bela lugosi's dead (Phoebe)
2. BUZZCOCKS : ever fallen in love (Melanie&camille)
3. BLONDIE : heart of glass (Gerald Toto)
4. ESG : moody (Gerald Toto)
5. A CERTAIN RATIO : shack up (Phoebe)
6. TC MATIC : putain putain (Camille)
7. THE SOUND : escape myself (Phoebe)
8. VISAGE : fade to grey (Marina)
9. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN : killing moon (Melanie)
10. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH : dance with me (Melanie)
11. U2 : pride (Paula Bird)
12. THE WAKE : o pamela (Marina)
13. HEAVEN 17 : let me go (Silja )
14. NEW ORDER : blue Monday (Melanie )
15. NEW ORDER : confusion (Birdpaula )
16. YAZOO : don't go (Gerald Toto)
17. BILLY IDOL : dancing with myself (Phoebe)
18. SIOUXSIE & BANSHEES : israel (Gerald toto )
19. THE CRAMPS : human fly (Phoebe )
20. BLANCMANGE : waves (Marina)
21. FGTH : relax (Camille and Gerald toto)
22. SUICIDE : ghost rider (Phoebe)
23. DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS : come on eileen (sandra n'kake)
24. THE GUN CLUB : sex beat (Phoebe)
25. GRAUZONE : eisbaer (Marina)
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Manga Me

New Model Army Revisited

...well it's been a long time coming. I have loads of the old NMA material on vinyl still and only some of the newer bits on CD plus scratched/jumping copies of "The Ghost of Cain" and "Thunder and Consolation" (teach me to pick them both up second hand off e-bay or somewhere...).

So, with the knowledge that a few years ago all the early LPs were rereleased in a remastered CD format with additional discs of rarities, remixes and b-sides from the period I've just hit Play, Amazon and the NMA Webstore and updated my NMA discography. It'll be nice to listen to the old albums again and also discover a new love for some of the tracks I may not have heard before.

I also ordered the Live DVD from 2003 that apparently has me in it quite a bit (or so I keep getting told by friends). It was only £8.99 on Play and it'd be worth it even without my guest appearences :p

New Model Army are one of those bands that I've loved from the first moment of listening to them as a teen back in 80's and have never fallen out of love with. Their live performances continually rank as some of the best shows I've ever been too and the lyrics and emotions they stir up are priceless.

I find it hard to believe they've been together for over 25 years now. Starts to make me feel a bit old...:p
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