February 15th, 2006

Old Friend

Dream Drinking

...I know I stayed in last night. I know that I watched Tim Burton's Corpse Bride with my flatmates (which I actually found disappointing). I know that the last time I had a cigarette or a drink of alcohol was on Saturday night when I was at The Dead 60's/The Kooks gig and in the pub afterwards.

So how come I woke up this morning with what feels like a really bad hangover. My mouth was dry and felt like I'd chained smoked and my head was certainly worse for wear....

I don't know where I went in my dreams last night but it feels like I certainly raised hell and had a good time!
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Angus May 2005

High Fidelity...

I started reading High Fidelity by Nick Hornby yesterday. I was first told about this book back in 1995 (when it was first published) when I was working at a little record shop in West Hampstead. I think we were actually told about it several times by a couple of customers as well as one of the record company reps. They reckoned we'd enjoy it, being that we worked in a record store and all.

Well I never got round to reading the book although I did go and see the film when it came out (2000 starring John Cusack, jack Black and co) which I really enjoyed (even if they had transported everything to America :p).

Anyway, eleven years after first being told about it I've finally started reading it. And it's great. I don't know whether it's because I am a geek at heart (music, comics, games, books, films - you name it!) but the book is brilliant and I'm sure I've met most of the characters in it at one point or another!
To Do....

Mobile Phone Woes....

My Motorola V635 has brought it. Or rather I decided to put it out of its misery. I was trying to wait until my next free upgrade (which is within the next six weeks I believe/hope) but it had other ideas on the subject.

Basically all the phone calls I've received on it today (and surprisingly I've been fairly popular - although mainly trying to sort out a new cleaner as my old one has just left - which is a shame as she was damn good, but I digress...) have rung and then when I've answered them I can't hear a bloody thing. No sound at all (and yes, I had my sound switched on thank you...). The callers can apparently hear me so I took to saying I'd ring them back (which was a bit tricky when I had a couple of 'Private Calls' early, still don't know who that was from as I asked them to text and I'd call straight back...ho hum).

Anyway, having a mobile phone that you can't actually talk to anyone through seemed a bit pointless. So I've dug out my old Sony Ericsson and plugged it in the wall for some juice. Unfortunately it has meant that any text's I had stored have now gone and it also looks like several of the numbers in my phone book have vanished in the transistion too - and I did import my SIM - so not sure what happened there.

I also just received two texts that were apparently sent yesterday so I'm guessing there are a few delays occuring in regards to the phone. Hope the Ericsson will hold out until upgrade time....
To Do....

And it's an early goodnight from me....

I know it's only just gone 10 but I'm calling quits on today and having a very early night.

I'll catch up with you guys and gals tomorrow.

I have the next two days off work (yay!). I am aiming to see Aeon Fluxx on Friday morning as it's released in the UK then. Apart from that I have a brand new cleaner tomorrow morning which I'm hoping will be as good as my last one and beyond that I'm intending on blitzing the publishing work during the daylight hours.

Tomorrow night for me is The Magic Numbers at Brixton and then I'm off to see The Strokes on Friday. I'll be working all weekend so will probably grab the opportunity for two cheap, quiet, nights in trying to get a load of publishing work done.

But for now it's sleep. Maybe read a bit more of High Fidelity if my eyes let me, but certainly some sleep. I just hope that my travels through the dreamlands tonight don't take me to the same place they did last night. I resent having hangovers when I haven't been drinking in my waking hours and can't recall any of the shennanigans in the dreaming ones.