February 23rd, 2006


(Brits Post - sorry jolly foreigners - nothing of interest here!) Gas....

Having just paid a rather enthusiastic gas bill (over £200!!!) and with the knowledge that British Gas are about to increase the cost of gas by about 20% on 1st March I've, unsurprisingly, been thinking about looking for a new supplier.

What gas companies doy ou guys use? Would you reccommend them, etc?

I chatted to British Gas this morning and they informed me of their direct debit scheme which brings prices down to much more acceptable levels even after the price hike - infact the higher band ends up ebing cheaper than I'm actually paying at the moment but is still around 1p more than Powergen is offering - although Powergen may very well end up putting their own prices up at somepoint in the future).

Suggestions? Reccomendation?
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