February 24th, 2006

Serenity Firefly Movie

(Firefly) Mosquito......

Quite timely this one as I actually watched the first episode of Firefly again this evening with mooncadet.

I'm sure some Firefly fans might think this is sacrilege, but the others (the ones with a sense of humour and lives) will probably find this very amusing.

Many thanks to cavalorn for the link. I also second his suggest of hitting Pause when it starts playing and letting the whole thing load in full before watching it. It's a fairly big reel. There are also some other Firefly-related links on the page but I've not had the time to check them out yet.

Anyway, please enjoy .....   MOSQUITO
Old Friend

Mobiles, Goat F**kers and General Stupidity....

In what wasn't the most intelligent thing I've done in my life I just threw my mobile in the toilet.

I was heading for a bath and had dressing gown, towel and book in one hand and my mobile and a tissue in the other. For some reason I then put the tissue in my hand hand and chucked my mobile into the toilet.


(millisecond to register tissues shouldn't go SPLOOSH!)


I recovered it quick enough and luckily the toilet was clean at the time but my phone is soaked. I've dismantled it and am leaving it to dry overnight so am uncontactable via mobile atm. Hell, I may be uncontactable by mobile for a while if I'm unlucky! That'll be two phones in under ten days. Must be some sort of record!

Anyway it could be worse. I could have been caught f**king a goat and then forced into marrying it!

Sudan Man Forced To "Marry" Goat (BBC News Online; Friday 24th February 2006)

Actually just f**king a goat (regardless of being cuaght and it's aftereffects) would still be worse (in my books atleast) than chucking your phone down the lav!

In other news, the Gogol Bordello CD arrived on my doormat this morning. Not sure if that was a good move or not considering I got "Start Wearing Purple" stuck in my head for 48 hours earlier this week. Will have a listen and then decide on their live gig at The Astoria the night before I leave to Vegas....
Lord Angus

(Film) Lucky Number Slevin

I'm aiming to head to VUE Finchley Lido to see 'Lucky Number Slevin' tomorrow (Saturday) morning for the 10.40am performance. If anyone fancies joining me that'd be great. It finishes at 12.45 so I may grab some lunch afterwards if I have company. As my phone is currently not switched on due to it's untimely swimming lesson earlier please eitehr leave a reply or email me.

I may be about to have an early night however so I might not reply until early tomorrow morning (I say may be as I've said things like this before and then ended up still chatting to people on-line or replying to posts hours later! :p).

Anyway in case I do actually hit the sack (or go and read which is more likely - currently re-reading Roger Zelazny's "Nine Princes in Amber" for the nth time) I hope everyone has had a great evening and weekend.

I spent a quite one in tonight and watched 'Shaolin Soccer' on DVD. Amusing little film which you can enjoy even without any appreciation for football (or so Delphine implied when she told me about it!).