February 26th, 2006

Angus In the Woods

Sunday Is A Day of WORK.....

Well today has been a fairly solid-all-go day of work for me.

I was in the shop at 9am with our merry band of staff and helpers for Stock Taking - that yearly exercise in counting 10,000 dice and godknows how many miniatures, books and games :p

Anyway, we worked solidly and despite being three-people down from the original team we thought we had we actually made very good progress and finished earlier than we usually do. Indeed I was home shortly after 5pm which is a stock taking record for us!

Once home, armed with my Ovaltine, I dived straight into some data checking I'm doing for a friend in the States for a new game their company will be releasing later this year. 20 pages of print-out later I have many notes and quite a few suggestions. Poor man :p

I also managed to watch Episode 6 of Doctor Who (The Dalek) which I'd not seen before. I personally thought it was the best one yet and really enjoyed it. Of course I still have another two discs to go. Hopefully I'll have finished them well ahead of my American trip. I also cooked a really nice steak for myself this evening. I splashed out on a mopre expensive cut than usual but it was certainly worth it :)

This week is luckily not seeming too busy. This is good as I have a load of things I am *actually* working on at present so free evenings is a damn fine option for me at present.

Saying that, I'm off to see 'Boy Kill Boy' tomorrow night at Kings College, and I'm gaming on Wednesday night. Beyond that the week is clear for me and my keyboard!
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(Film Review) Lucky Number Slevin

I saw 'Lucky Number Slevin' at the cinema on Saturday morning. The trailers had intrigued me and it looked my kind of film. It certainly didn't disappoint.

Scottish Director Paul McGuigan managed to assemble a very good cast including Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Lui and Ben Kingsley for the film and they all pretty much come up trumps. If anything the weakest performance from the aforementioned is actually Ben Kingsley!

I will admit I kinda fell for Lucy Lui pretty much from her first on-screen appearence. This is unusual as I've never really been taken by her in that way before. I think a lot of it had to do with her characters personality - she was scatty and enthusiastic which I guess I kind of go for. I just adored her in the role of Lindsey.

The basic premise of the film is that Slevin (Josh Hartnett) travels to New York to visit a friend (Nick) to get away from loosing his job and catching his girlfriend shagging someone else. On route to his mates house he gets mugged (and nose broken) and then arrives to find no one at home. He lets himself in, has shower, and then gets interrupted by nieghbour Lindsey (Lucy Lui). He then gets accosted by two heavy's who mistake him for Nick and haul him away to speak to The Boss (Morgan Freeman). Nick owed money to someone than owed money to The Boss and The Boss is now calling that debt in. Unfortunately for Slevin The Boss' main rival (The Rabbi played by Ben Kingsley) is also owed money by Nick and once he gets back to Nick's flat he is almost immediately confronted by The Rabbi's men and taken to have a chat. In the midst of all of this is Mr. Gookat (Bruce Willis) a master assassin who seems to be manipulating things behind the scene.

I enjoyed this film and would reccommend it to anyone who likes filsm in the vein of Momento and to an extent Pulp Fiction. Lucky Number Slevin resides somewhere in the middle ground of those two.

School Report: B+