March 4th, 2006

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(News) Blair Plays 'God' Card Over Iraq War.....Then Realises This Ain't Kansas....

Wrong country Mr. Blair, unless NMA are right and we have become the '51st State'.

I'm not sure how the press are responding to Blair's comments to be screened this evening on a British TV Chat Show (Parkinson for those who are interested) but most of the commentary I've seen - and heard about from quotes - seems to have been pretty negative so far.

Personally I'm disgusted that a British Prime Minister has claimed this and, generally, I think many in Britain will be as whatever anyone says the country is not as 'God Faring' as it used to be and many of the Christians in this country are a lot more liberal in their views than some of their cousins abroad.

I also really liked Warren Ellis' comment on the matter...."God Said Unto Me, "Fuck Saddam He Had It Coming"""

Blair "Prayed To God" Over Iraq (BBC News Online; Friday 3rd March 2006)
PM Attacked Over Iraq War Prayers (BBC News Online; Saturday 4th March 2006)

I may have to go and browse the newspapers later as I really can't believe the press are going to take this one lightly.
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(LA Gigs) Berlin....

Arrggg..... I have just discovered that BERLIN are playing a gig in LA on the Saturday night that I'm in town!!!

The only problem is that it is MILES away from where I am staying and without a car I very much doubt I'll be able to get there or get back to the hotel again. I'm in West Hollywood and they're playing at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills (about 25 miles away looking at a map). Shit.

I would love to see Berlin live as they have some really great songs ('Metro' being my favourite).

Well, at least they are touring again (and have recorded a new album) so I will just have to hope that they eventually play London 'or' play somewhere in the States that coincides with another of my trips :(
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Angus' American Trip Details.....

Yay! I now know where I'm staying in LA. It's The Grafton Hotel on Sunset Bvld about 100 meters or so away from The House of Blues which is where The Sisters of Mercy gigs are on the Sunday and Monday nights. So no problems for me finding my way back to the hotel late at night. The Grafton is pretty central to a lot of things so this will certainly help keep taxi costs to a minimum. Only a couple of miles away from the Hollywood Sign too so I guess that's one touristy thing I'll be doing :p

The Viper Room and some other clubs/bars are only a stones throw away too so I may try and taste a bit of the LA social scene when I'm out there if my money has held up from Vegas!

Anyway, I'll be in Vegas from Saturday 11th to 17th March staying at The Riveria (the hotel the GAMA Trade Show is actually held at). From the 17th to 21st March I'll be at The Grafton in LA. I get back into London at around 7.30AM on Wednesday 22nd March.

So, any of the bods who will be in Vegas who read this journal - fancy getting up to anything? :p

Also, apart from the Sunday/Monday nights in LA I'm free! I'm hoping to meet up with a couple of people on one of the days but if there are any other LA citizens who read my blog and fancy meeting up please let me know! :p

I'll be flying by Air Canada this time. It breaks the flights up a bit as I change planes in Canada (Toronto going and on the way back I pass through the city of my Conception - Montreal!). I actually really like the idea of being able to get up and walk around properly after about 5 hours of flying before the second leg of the trips.

On a completely unrelated subject - I delved into my old cassettes (rememebr those things?) and pulled out an old Ghost Dance album. God they were great - live as well as on record. There are certainly some bands I really wish were still around today and Ghost Dance are definetly up there amongst them.
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