March 12th, 2006

Old Friend

(Travelogue - Day 0)

Currently in Canada! In the lounge waiting for my flight to Vegas....where it has been SNOWING!



God we've screwed up this climate!

Oh well, glad I packed a jumper in that case.

The flight to Canada was uneventful. We were on an old plane though so that meant no personalised telly on the front of your seat and not as much leg room. I now know why the ticket was cheaper. Remind me not to be so concious of works expenses and fly an American or British firm next time!

The guy next to me was a pilot (luckily not the one supposed to be flying our plane...) and we had a good chat during the flight.

Anyway, better go and carry on waiting for this connection.

Oh, the customs guy who interviewed me in US customs was a roleplayer. He asked what I did for a living and then chatted about Gary Gygax :p Did get my fingers and retina scanned though.

See you laters folks!

(Travelogue - Day 0.5)

It's currently 5.30AM and I'm in Vegas.

I finally arrived in town shortly before 11PM local time (that's 7AM London time) and had a very welcome bath after almost 24 hours of being awake and 19 hours door-to-door travelling.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that I bumped into Matt and Alex from Mongoose at Heathrow. They were on a different (earlier) flight to me going via DC. They were appalled that mine was going to take so long (via Toronto). Well, I met them checking in at the same time as me (several hours later than expected for them) because there plane was delayed. That'll teach them to mock my lengthy travels!!! Hehe... (actually no mocking was involved but I was mildly amused to see them at the check-in desk :p).

Anyway, it DID snow in Vegas yesterday but only briefly and none of it settled. Having spoken to my taxi driver (who I'm sure was on the payroll of some strip clubs and brothels the way he was trying to convince me to 'try them out while I'm in town' and then passed me a card for an escort agency when I left the cab...) it apparently snows in Vegas every year but only once or twice and never hard. So, it's not that unusual afterall. Still shocked me though as all of the other years I've been here (at the same time of year) I've always experienced really nice, warm, weather!

Anyway, despite it being 5.30AM that is no indication of my 'rock and roll' lifestyle. I went to bed at about 12.30 and have just woken up a bit famished. Will don my adventuring gear and go in search for food in a bit. I hear The Riveria is supposed to have a good Buffet somewhere.....

Til laters! This is your roving reporter signing out!
Old Friend

(no subject)

It may have snowed here yesterday but I've just spent the last 4 hours sunbathing next to the pool chatting to Steve (Esdevium Games) whilst drinking coffee. Temperatures here are nice and warm now :P

Off for lunch and then, oh I don't know, maybe some more poolside sunbathing.

Gotta love it!!!