March 17th, 2006

Old Friend

Last Night in Vegas.....

Tonight has been really good fun. As much as I'm not keen on Vegas I do really like some of the people I get to meet here. It's always sad to say goodbyes with the knowledge that, for the most part, you won't see most of them again for at least a year.

I spent the beginning of the evening with Jason, Leanne and Gareth having a meal and then drinking at The Splash Bar until Jason and Leanne had to disappear to catch their flight. Then Gareth and I drank and chatted away until various other people showed up and the much larger group splintered into segments of conversation. I finished the evening in the very good company of Shane Hensley, Simon (who happens to be Dominic's cousin!) and his girlfriend, Jason (from an Australian distributors) and his girlfriend and a few others. Amusement and piss taking was had by all! :p

We also discovered tonight one of the signs of the Apocalypse. Vegas is phasing in a smoking ban in casinos. Now Vegas (along with Germany) are the two places in the world I never thought this would happen. The whole casino culture is geared towards alcohol, tobacco and gambling. So over the next couple of years casinos will slowly start to become no-smoke areas.

Tomorrow I check-out of here and fly off to Los Angeles for a few days. I should have internet access there also so I guess I'll probably be checking back with you guys and gals then.

It's been a good trip so far and I hope I'll be able to see my far away friends again sooner ratehr than later.

Also, Americans don't know how to do small salads. I had a fruit salad yesterday for lunch and it was possibly the largest plate of fruit I've ever seen! At least it was healthy!!!!

Off to bed now. Good night - or really good mornign for my readers back at home!
Drawn Together

The Swedish Tremere........

Some of you will remember a tall, handsome, Swedish Tremere called Alexander Goodheart who used to reside at the London Court in the mid-90's.

Well I'm happy to announce that Andreas, the player, sent me an email telling me that he's going to be a Daddy later this year!!!! Go Andreas!!!!!

He should also be coming over to the UK/London in September if all goes well.

It's great to wake up to good news!

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Manga Me

Vegas Airport Boredom

Ho hum, I'm currently in the airport lounge in Vegas. My flight is still 90 minutes away and it could be said I'm a tad bored.

I've caught up on LJ, my emails, BBC News and Myspace. I've even played around on Ogame but I'm at a point in the game where everything tneds to take several hours (and lots of resources) to build. One of my latest acquisitions in the game is taking almost 6 hours to research! So I don't really have to check back on the game until this evening. Even all of my fleet are out on missions so I can't even play around with them....

So Vegas airport.

Most airports around the world are pretty much the same. Vegas does try to bleed every last cent out of you though as even the airport has rows of slot machines trying to tempt the desperate to try 'one more chance' at winning their fortune. Guess I'm left drinking my coffee and flicking through my LA Guide book and possibly starting The Last Don by Mario Puzo (The author of The Godfather) as I've just picked up a copy for inflight reading.

Wonder what LA will bring.....
Old Friend

Within Temptation and Squirrels....

Strange. I can hear Within Temptation playing faintly from somewhere, and it's not my laptop.

Can't see anyone else around with one either and it sounds like it's from the other side of the lounge.

There's a alternative rocker in disguise somewhere over there apparently.

Also, has anyone on my F-List actually eaten a squirrel?

What does it taste like? I'd have thought it would be a bit boney?
Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

Unusual foods.....

Not having much to think about apart from the eating squirrels thread I was wodnering what the weirdest/most unusual meat you (non-veggies) have eaten?

I think mine must be chocolate coated giant-ants from Colombia. They were a decent size and actually tasted a bit like marmite. After eating them I remember going into the back garden the next day and catching a regular ant to see if they tased like marmite too.

They did.
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Old Friend

From the City of Sin to the City of Angels

Yay-hay! I'm in LA! I also now know why my hotel was on the pricey side. It's a *very* nice hotel and seems to cater to a few stars (if I see any I'll let you know :p).

Seriously though, the hotel is very, very nice. I have a pool side view from my room and am on the 2nd floor - with the walk-in reception being on the third floor - you gotta love the LA hills! :p

I'll be fine as long as we don't have an earthquake or a mudslide I guess...:p

Anyway, it now *feels* like I'm in America. Vegas is a place that defies location. IT is truly a unique place on this planet - regardless what you think of it. Whereas LA has the things that I remember from living in the States and also from visiting other non-Vegas cities over here.

For a start Vegas is all about 'height' and size. The hotels are massive both in ground area as well as in height. In LA many of the buildings are single story affairs - from shops to homes - or at least the ones I've seen so far :p

Not quite sure what I'm going to be getting up to this evening but my first impressions of LA are very positive and I do kinda feel at home here (although this hotel may have something to do with that....)
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Angus In the Woods

(News) French Demonstrations Against New Employment Law

In what world would allowing workers under the age of 26 to be dismissed within a two-year period allow for greater job security and less youth unemployment?

Once again the French public show the rest of the world that protest isn't dead. I wish the citizens of the UK took up more causes and didn't (largely) either quickly drop them or just ignore them...

Million Urged For French Protest (BBC News Online; Saturday 18th March 2006)
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