March 18th, 2006

Old Friend

Saturday Realisations....

I didn't realise today was Saturday. For some reason I still thought it was a week day. Admittedly LA hasn't woken up yet and I'm only here because I still can't kick the hbait I've acquired this week of waking up around 5.30am.

I was browsing the BBC News site (which along with LJ are helping me remember what time it is in the motherland) and saw the live updates for the Everton - Aston Villa match. This got me all confused because teams don't usually play in the UK during weekday afternoons.

Now feel a bit shell shocked....

Should be meeting up with a couple of the guys behind the Call of Cthulhu Silent Movie later this morning. Lunch, possibly a tour of their studio, and general chatting will ensue.

Not sure what I'm up to after that. Probably some sight seeing and getting to know the layout of the immediate vacinity of the hotel whilst it's daylight so I can decide what to get up to this evening.
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(LA) Musings....

You know, I'm being to wish that my hotel room here was actually my bedroom at home. Being in a room like this brings it home even more just how crowded my room back in London is. I love the space, the tv/stereo set-up the en suite bathroom, the lounge area and especially the REALLY comfy king sized bed!

I also love the fact that I'm overlooking a pool and there are palm trees outside my window :)

Guess I'll have to get busy on making that first million....

Anyway I met up with Sean and Andrew from HPLHS this morning who took me round there studio. Saw a load of props from the Call of Cthulhu Silent Movie they filmed last year (have photos too) and am now even more impressed with the film. We discussed various things, they took me out for a very nice Thai lunch and we agreed on a distribution deal for the UK which we'll be tying up when I get back there next week.

This is a good thing and I'm hoping for big things from this deal.

This afternoon was spent with a bit more exploring the local area. This also consisted of me finding a massive Tower Records and becoming slightly poorer. The bulk of the purchases were Berlin CDs, including the new 4Play album which is mostly covers (including a cover of Marilyn Manson's Dope Show which is the next track to play so I'll come back to that...).

Also discovered were The Viper Room is so I will hopefully be heading back that way after dark to see what it's like.

Ok, The Dope Show cover is now playing. Sounds pretty good. Next up are covers of David Bowie (Fashion) and Depeche Mode (Never Let Me Down Again). Talking of Mode I may now have a spare ticket (or two if I don't go) for the second Depeche Mode date at Wembley as a friend who brought them can't make it. I'm already seeing DM with Dee on the first night and again in the summer at Hyde Park so three nights for me might be overkill. So, anyone want two tickets or to join me for it? Let me know and I'll talk to my friend.
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Old Friend

Microbes and Viper Room Plans....

Quote of the day so far:

"It's frustrating if you're a microbe that's been wandering the Universe for a million years to then die striking the surface of Europa,"
I'm sure it must be frustrating if microbes could get frustrated.

Full article: Earth Could Seed Titan With Life (BBC News Online; Saturday 18th March 2006)

Right, if all goes well I'll be watching five bands at The Viper Room this evening : Duress, Buckfast, Halstead, Native June and Mindcandy. Just listened to a few tracks by Mindcandy and Buckfast online and they're both definetly rock and sounded fairly good. Just hope I can get in (it's not a massive place - only holding about 250 people).

So, wash, food, gig.

Sounds good to me :)
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