March 25th, 2006

Manga Me


Hello Dear Readers,

I was wondering if any of you listen to, or make, Podcasts.

If yes, which ones do you listen too (main interest here is in gaming Podcasts but I'm interested in the broader business/entertainment use of them in other industries too). If you produce Podcasts what are the casts you produced and please send me a link so I can hear what you do.

For those users and non-users alike what are your impressions of Podcasts and how do you feel they will evolve in the future?

Many thanks for any and all replies,

Old Friend

UK Issues Travel Warning Over France

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.

The UK Foreign Office has just issued a Travel Warning to Brits planning on going to France.

In light of the growing protests and violent clashes seen over there in recent days due to the Employment Law the French government is implementing the Foreign Office has advised to check destinations for planned protests before travelling. They have also warned of disruption to travel due to the possibilkity of general strikes over there.

France Demo Warning For Brits (BBC News Online; Saturday 25th March 2006)