March 26th, 2006

Old Friend

Hogfather Extras Needed....

(Saw this (thanks to karohemd) and thought I'd pass it along...)

This time for the Hogfather film which is being made as a Christmas special for Sky One. Taken from the Discworld Monthly newsletter. It is unpaid and you need your own costume!

Now hear this ... or read it if you will, I have an important

The film company 'The Mob' are as I'm sure you are aware making the
Hogfather film for Sky Television.  They have asked me to cast my
net in the sea of Discworld and come up with 70 or 80 good folk,
silly enough to want to appear in a crowd scene.

It will be the Great Hall of the UU and we need Wizards, Students,
and a few serving wenches.  Obviously there are more students than
wizards, and serving wenches can be of all ages.

Now you must understand, there is no money, it will be a very early
start in London about or on the 1st May, you'll be hanging around
for hours, told to keep quiet, and most importantly YOU MUST HAVE

If a beard is part of your character then it has to be a good one,
really good, and all the chains, baubles and sashes as described in
the DW Companion.

If you are a student then the costume has to be 'right' from late
medieval to 19th century, again let the DWC be your guide.  Wenches
and Maids.  A mop cap, black garments, large apron.

What you have to do is this.  Send me a picture full face, like a
passport photo of you unadorned, then another this one full length
of you in costume.  These can be sent through the post or e-mailed.

If posted I cannot guarantee they will be returned, and they must be
very clearly labelled.  E-mail to

I will then send all the information to the casting director at The
Mob who will make the decision of who he can use.  I need your
pictures in by no later than the 5th April, and I must reiterate I
am not doing the casting; it's the professionals at The Mob studio
that make all the decisions.  However it should be huge fun, and
something to remember when we all get old.

Bernard Pearson

World Cup 2006

I've had a few people recently look at me like I'm an idiot when I've said that I think that the Czech Republic or Mexico are good bets for the World Cup this year.

Both teams have impressed me in the last year or so and I think they are certainly worth an outside bet. Well, I've just had a look at FIFA's Top 20 and it seems that the stats might back up my claims.... the Czech Republic are currently Rank 2 in the world and Mexico is Rank 7. It's also interesting (but not surprising) to note that Germany does not deature in the Top 20. They currently languish at #22.

1 Brazil 0    835
2 Czech Republic 0    789
3 Netherlands 0    788
4 Argentina 0    765
5 USA 1    764
6 Spain 0    763
7 Mexico -1    762
8 France -3    760
9 England 0    756
10 Portugal 0    755
11 Turkey 0    743
12 Nigeria 0    738
12 Italy 0    738
14 Denmark 0    736
15 Cameroon 1    726
16 Sweden -1    725
17 Egypt 0    714
18 Japan 0    712
19 Iran 3    705
19 Croatia 4    705
Serenity Firefly Movie


In just under ten minutes I go to war.

A rival alliance attacked one of our members and, unfortunately for them, another of their members is within easy striking distance from me. So is their actual Founder whom I may look at next.

This is the first real fleet battle I've experienced. It could go either way but I feel secure in my knowledge that House Warwick has a mighty fleet and The Immortals will overcome and destroy the infidels of the PLUK Alliance.

In any case, this should be interesting....