April 5th, 2006

Manga Me

Icons of Coil...

I've never listened to Icons of Coil before but a number of friends kept telling me they were good and I listen to loads of bands in the same EBM-esque genre so I thought I'd try one of their CDs last time I was on Music Non-Stop spending my Paypal allowance.

Well I got the 'Machines Are Us' CD today and have just given it the once over. I can't (from the first listen) see what all the fuss is about. I think I was expecting something slightly harder or with more of a beat behind it but this CD just came across as a bit, I dunno, 'damp'?

Have I just chosen a bit of a duff CD of theirs or is Machines Are Us a good representation of the bands music?

On the plus side I did get a free promotional compilation CD from the Alfa Matrix label which is very good so far. I certainly think I'll be checking out some of the bands featured on that in more detail.

It's even got a Zombie Girl track on it and, although I've not heard anything by them/her yet, I've been intriued to hear what they sound like as I've seen the name around a fair bit recently....
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