April 9th, 2006

Cubicle 7

Domain Name

Quick question for you, my dear readers.

I want to know whether you feel .co.uk or .net is better for my domain name.

What are the benefits of .net over .co.uk and vice versa?

Which would you prefer, or look for first? (The .com has been gone for a number of years by a lightning company in the States that just keeps renewing it and never using it so that's out of the question...)


Poll #707009 Domain Names....

What would be a better domain name....?

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Old Friend

End of days....

....or at least 'End of Today at Work'.... I think I can allow myself to go home now and cook myself a roast beef, yorkshire pud and lots of vegetable and gravey goodness.

Been productive so far today and after I've cooked I hope to have further productivity tonight as I'm not going out now (sorry Mel!).

I'll have to find my 'going out socialising gene' and give it a kick I think.
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Old Friend

Be scared.....

...I've just dot com'd myself.

It'll probably be used as a portal for my poetry and other 'Angus' stuff that is not game orientated.

Of course that's "when" I finally get round to making a site. Still, it gave me a warm feeling buying myself :p
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