April 16th, 2006

Old Friend

Quickie update......NFD

Will hopefully post more this evening after I return from my Mums for Easter lunch and games with the family but I just had to say..... NFD are one of the best (if not THE best) f**king bands on the Goth scene at present.

Great gig last night and it was *so* good to hear some old Fields of the Nephilim tracks thrown in too!

God, I have to see them again ASAP!
Manga Me

(Gig) NFD, Voices of Masada, SubZero

Well I did mention earlier that I'd write a bit about the gig last night after I got back. Well I've been back for a few hours now but had to muck around on ogame (yes, I *had* too :p) and also watch the Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 1 repeat on BBC3 as I wasn't around last night.

So it was in early hours of the evening on Saturday 15th April that weaselbitch and myself ventured forth, still in daylight, to the place of Angels. Upon arriving we trod familiar paths of that hole in many a nights memories called "The Slimelight", there to be entertained by certain troubadours both familiar and unknown.....

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