April 18th, 2006


Election Leafleting

As I'm sure you all know we've got council elections coming up at the beginning of May. With this in mind I was wondering if any of the Finchely/Barnet crowd would be interested in joining me for a leafleting campaign on behalf of the Liberal Democrats?

The LibDems won a council by-lection at Christmas in barnet and are looking at capturing a number of other council seats this time round too.

If anyone's up for joining me one evening (or more!) please let me know and we'll arrange things. The target area will be in Barnet (more likely High Barnet).

Cheers! :)
Old Friend

Some help, my dear readers.....

Doubt I'll be able to do any of these in the next couple of months but should treat myself later this year with some 'Angus expense' as opposed to 'living' or 'company' expense.

So, what should I treat myself too....?

What should Angus' next big personal expense be....?

Rejoin Gym with new membership
Learn to Drive/Buy Car
Upgrade PC to something from the 21st century
Holiday to Cuba
Old Friend

New Goth Night at KOKO (formerly Camden Palace)

Just discovered that a new goth night is starting up at KOKO's this coming Saturday (22nd April).

Now I remember previous attempts at getting goth nights started up at the venue back in the 90's when it was still The Camden Palace. Sadly all failed due to low attendences (although if I recall correctly that was partially due to them hosting it mid-week or on a Sunday night......).

Anyway, KOKO is a fantastic venue for a club (I spent many years between 1988 thru to the mid 90's there) and it would be really good to see a decent Goth night take root at a large venue. The scene has certainly been lacking it since Full Tilt died at The Electric Ballroom (and even then Full Tilt hadn't been 'great' for many years).

So tell your friends and try and make it if you have a gothic persuasion!


I am definetly going to try to make it but am working all day on Saturday so may end up falking (luckily I'm working at the shop and not at SALUTE - Londons biggest wargames convention - if I was on the stand there's no way I'd make it as I'd be dead to the world).

In any case I really hope the night works out. Plus there are a couple of bands playing too! :p