April 20th, 2006


Star Wars RPG...etc

Well it seems that if you had me locked in a room at your mercy for 24 hours the majority of you would either make me work on Cubicle 7 projects or have you tidy your room for you. I guess I should be pleased that so many of you a) like the Cubicle 7 projects and b) like my 'oh so neat' (ahem) house that you'd like me to do the same for yours! :p (PS - I employ a cleaner who then cleans 'around' all my boxes of books/games/records...)

In other news, Dom, Nicole and Seth came over for more Star Wars d6 fun tonight. Really enjoyed the game and we all got promotions and are in charge (maybe temporarily) of the Rebellion movement in our own sector. Unfortunately this means only 150 men as the reason we're now in charge is because of the monumental f**k-up that the previous commanders did in mission planning that caused 'a few' losses. Things haven't started off very smoothly though (hey, you don't really expect them to or it wouldn't be much of a game/challenge) as we just managed to avoid coming out of hyperspace into a red giant/dwarf(?) after something very odd happening to our tech and also Rada's (Nicoles' PC) brain....
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To answer your question (without unscreening the rest of your message...)

No we can't talk about it as yet. We can after the press release has been made but there is a little way to go first. 15GB of disks for starters, plus website, plus...oh you know - other stuff :p

I'll let you know when you can start publically frothing though don't worry.