May 4th, 2006


Sisters Gig (Prologue)

Will write up a brief review of last nights Sisters gig tomorrow but I just wanted to say two things that came to mind (putting to one side the awful sound during the Sisters set...)

1. Gothic Fight Club (The mosh pit had its moments :p)
2. Gothic Karaoke (Especially when you could easily hear the crowd singing louder than Von Eldritch)
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Go and Vote!!!

I'll post this now so the Brits will read it when they wake up in the morning.

Today, Thursday 4th May, is Local Council Election Day!

Time to wandering down to your local Polling Station and cast your votes for your local councillors.

Not only is this important for your local area but the results of the local elections can have major effects on the National Parties across various issues - not least of which is how the leadership of the party is doing. Rightly or wrongly (and to be honest it's wrong as council elections should be about local issues) Council Elections do have an impact on the National scene. All you'll have to do is read the press on Friday morning to see that.

So go and use your vote however you see fit.

I think it'll be an eye opener this year with certain small parties doing surprisingly well, with Labour getting a real kicking and the Tories loosing some, winning some, but ending up slightly better off come Friday morning. The real political winners will be the LibDems, The Greens, The BNP and Independent councillors is my prediction though.

Anyway, stop reading this drivel and VOTE!
Drawn Together


Small things make small minds happy I suppose.

I have purposefully avoiding going to sleep before this moment as I wanted to be awake to experience it. It is something that will only happen once in my lifetime.

01:23 AM 4th May 2006


Yes, I know, I'm quite sad really aren't I :p

Old Friend

The Sun Has Risen And With It Thy Spirits...

I've been in a strangely upbeat and happy mood so far today. I'm putting a large part of this down to it being so sunny and warm outside and also the fact that I'm managing to actually HAVE a day off. Now I had (in theory) Tuesday and Wednesday off this week because I worked on Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday, but alas I actually ended up working atleast a half day on both my 'days off' and thus requested today's leave to catch up with things at home and cash my extra hours in.

I woke up at 5.30am thinking it was about 9 and I'd missed my alarm. Realised I hadn't and then promptly feel asleep again, missed my alarm for real, and woke up at 9.30. Potted about at home, let the cleaner in, popped off to vote (glad to see we didn't have any BNP candidates standing in Finchley - I think we're way too integrated multiculturally up here for them to get a foothold - also glad to see that just one Green candidate was standing in my ward. That made allocating my three votes a lot easier :p).

I did however pop into Blockbusters and buy a few of their ex-rentals they had on sale. God knows when I'll actually get round to watching them but I've now added the following to my collection:

13 (A French film)
Broken Flowers (with Bill Murray)
The Brothers Grimm (It is supposed to be disappointing but it was cheap so worth the gamble)
Lord of War (with Nicolas Cage)
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

I haven't seen any of them before so am looking forward to seeing them.

I also had Gnarls Barkley's "St. Elsewhere" and Ladytron's "Extendedplay" CDs fall through the letterbox this morning so I'm pretty entertainmented-up at present :)

Now to get on with some Cubicle 7 work and catch up on my emails...
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Manga Me

The Prisoner Returneth...

Thanks to eddyfate for the link to this.

Some mixed news about the TV remake of The Prisoner. The good news is that Christopher Eccleston looks like to get the lead role as Number 6 but Granda Television are promising some radical changes. Now updating it with technology, etc, is expected but they're thinking of using an exotic location for The Village so that might be very different from the original 60's setting.

Anyway, read on...  New Role For Doctor Who Who Became Prisoner Of Own Success (The Times Online; Thursday 4th May 2006)
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US Accuses Russia of Using Energy as a Political Tool...

Bloody hypocrits.

So, Cheney (US Vice President) has accused Russia of "reneging on democracy and using energy as a political tool.".

Wow, using Energy as a political tool. That's unheard of! Three letters Mr Vice President (and I'll do them in a sequence so even your dumb-assed president might be able to guess them):

O   I   L

OK, the US and Russia use energy as political tools in different ways and I agree that Russia deserves being told off in this regard, but coming from the US this is a bit 'pot and kettle'.

Cheney Chides Russia On Democracy (BBC News Online; Thursday 4th May 2006)

9 Days or 9 Years - Doesn't make a difference in my book Tony...

"Tony Blair has pleaded for voters not to let nine days of bad headlines obscure Labour's record over nine years in government on issues such as schools, healthcare, the economy and policing." - Polls Close In Elections Battle (BBC News Online; Thursday 4th May 2006)

So, Tony Blair wanted us voters to ignore the last nine days of party turmoil and concentrate of the last nine years instead.

Hmm... well Tony, I'm not sure there's much difference anymore. We wanted a Labour government nine years ago and we got a continuation of the Tories. You just dressed different. But at the end of the day a right of centre government is still a right wing government.

You've screwed pretty much everyone from education to health and a hell of a lot more beside. You've ignored the voices and concerns of the people whilst saying that other politicians are "out of touch with public opinion". I'll grant you the economy is in pretty good shape... but I have a feeling that's mroe down to your current neighbour than you and in anycase, one right doesn't make up for all the wrongs.

People feel betrayed by you and yours. Depending on the results of todays local election we may hear even more of your own party MPs calling for you to step down. Hope you finally make the right move and allow the Labour party to regain some respect.
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