May 6th, 2006

Old Friend

Do You Want To Fly Away...?

Ebookers are currently running a competition (you have to be a UK resident for this one - sorry foreign readers...) to win a pair of tickets to different destination each hour. Draws are being made hourly between 10Am to 6PM through to next Friday I believe and it's free to enter.

So, if you fancy trying to get a pair of free tickets somewhere (and possibly consider taking me if you win??? :p) then head over to their Competition Site!
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Good Friend/Best Friend

Football..... It's A Funny Old Game

God what a stressful afternoon.

For those that don't know today was the last day in the Football League calendar for Leagues 1 and 2. Barnet, my local club, was one of seven teams in League 2 that could have been relegated down to the Conference this afternoon. Rusden & Diamonds had already been relegated and were Barnets competition today - but it didn't mean they'd be a pushover and although Barnet could still survive if they lost depending on other teams results things could have been tricky.

Luckily Barnet won 2-1 in the end but it was a nail biting few hours watching the results change. Especially in the Oxford United game (there result affected everyone else because if they lost or drew they were relegated and everyone else was safe regardless of results). Oxford went 1-0 up, then 1-1, then 2-1, then 2-2 to finally loose 2-3 in the last minute of their game. Goodbye Oxford.

In a strange quirk of fate Oxford United were promoted into the Football League 44 years ago because a team called Accrington Stanley went bankcrupt. This year as Oxford are relegated out of the Football League into the Conference a certain team called Accrington Stanley have won the Conference and are re-entering the Football League again for the first time in 44 years. How weird is that!

Anyway, Barnet are safe. Now to prepare for next season and hope for some better results throughout the course of the season...
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Manga Me

To The Bot...

OK, I've just been friended by a LJ Bot account. I'm not mentioning it's name as everyone else who has done so ends up in the Bots memories section. No idea why the Bot is on LJ but I have a feeling it is somekind of experiment.

A number of people who have mentioned the Bots name have then been removed from its Friends List. So I thought I'd play a game and see if it picks this up without actually naming said Bot (I doubt it as I expect it's using a sweeper program to identify when it's name checked.

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Manga Me

Bot II

OK, I think I've found out it is a Bot run by someone in Texas whose using it as an experiment. I think it's primary purpose seems to be to gage the reaction it gets from people. The guy who I suspect runs it (unless it is anotehr user just jumping the bandwagon and making himself sound more clever/unpopular/annoying) is also commenting on a lot of peoples comments - some of them are a bit on the abusive side others are just plain rude or quite chatty depending on the commentators feelings towards being friended by a Bot.

I've already spent more time looking into this than it's worth.

At the end of the day if has Friended me I don't have to friend it back and read its gibberish. It just sits there on my Friends list and I appear on its Friends page. Makes no difference to me as my LJ is a public one anyway and anything I don't want the mass internet to possibly read won't get written or if it does would be stuck in a Friends Only post which the Bot couldn't access anyway.

Thus, I now go and leave this insane experiment behind. Time for food and to also change the CD. As much as I do like Babylon Zoo (I just got the CD off ebay a couple of days ago) having it on repeat for the last few hours has given me a desire to listen to something else as well as highlighting my laziness for not going the two steps it takes from this desk to put something else on :p
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Old Friend

My birthday...

It's odd you know. My birthday is knocking on the door just round the corner and the one person I'd really like to see and talk to is probably the person who won't be in contact.

Maybe they will. I hope they will anyway.

I also wish I knew why I felt like this.

Damn dreams I guess...

(Maybe I should either pop to the pub tonight or go and invest in a bottle of 'comfort...)
Brotherhood of the Wolf - Horses

(Film Review) The Brothers Grimm

Well, less of a review and more of a statement of personal feeling.

The Brothers Grimm is possibly one of the worst films I've seen in a very long time. I know it got slated by critics as well as many of my friends when it came out at teh cinema but I wanted to see it as I am a big fan of Terry Gilliams work (especially Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen).

Big mistake.

I'm not sure if I can say anything redeeming about it at all.

The script was in the most part dreadful, as was the acting, and even the set designs and special effects were found wanting in my opinion.

I guess my redemption can be that I didn't pay much for it on ex-rental DVD and I should be able to make a few quid of that back when I put it up for sale on ebay or somewhere.

School Report: E (and that's probably being generous)

(EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I actually ended up fast forwarding through various bits of it. Yes, I felt it was 'that' good...)