May 13th, 2006

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(News) Brazils Stonehenge, FBI Raids on the CIA,

"Brazilian archaeologists have found an ancient stone structure in a remote corner of the Amazon that may cast new light on the region's past..." Brazilian Stonehenge Discovered (BBC News Online; 13th May 2006)

"US federal agents have searched the house and office of the outgoing executive director of the CIA..." FBI Raids Top CIA Officials Home (BBC News Online; Friday 12th May 2006)

Also, good luck to West Ham in todays FA Cup Final and also to minnows Gretna against Hearts up in the Scottish Cup Final! Me supporting the underdogs... well, there's a surprise :p

Alien vs Kitten

(News) The Disease From Outter Space?

I saw this story on the cthulhu_connect community earlier and thought I'd repost it for those of you who aren't on it.

It's a story about an emerging disease that has hit southern Texas (amongst other places). It's weird and I was amused when I googled it to find one of the theories is that it is a space disease carried to Earth by a meteorite!

Mind you it is a damn weird one...

Doctors Puzzled Over Bizarre Infection Surfacing in South Texas (San Antonia Express News and KENS5 News Site; Friday 12th May 2006)
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Big Game Hunter Discovers New Bear - Then Does What Big Game Hunters Do...

The first wild grizzly bear/polar bear hybrid has been discovered in the wild. The bear, with white fur and brown patches, is the first of its kind outside of a zoo envirnonment to have been found. Whilst stories of these mysterious bears have circulated for years DNA tests carried out on the bear have now provided conclusive proof.

Unfortunately the DNA was extracted out of this new cross-breed after it was shot by a big game hunter.

Hybrid Bear Shot Dead In Canada (BBC News Online; Saturday 13th May 2006)
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Cup Finals...

What a great cup final day! Still watching the Liverpool - West Ham match (currently 2-3 to West Ham!) and just changed channel to see how the Scots teams where doing just in time to catch Gretna score against Hearts to make it 1-1!!

For a team in the third tier of Scottish football Gretna are stunning!

The English Cup Final has been great - with West Ham's goals being great fun to watch :P

I woinder if today is the day of the underdogs...?